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  1. J

    Instagram bot Followliker is getting me railed by IG!

    Been running Followliker on a 6 month old account ~ New to automation but I feel like my settings are pretty slow and somewhat human like and I’m still getting temp bans. Settings are as follows: - only follow/unfollowing - Scrape user limit: 40 Follow limit: 3-5 Daily Follow Limit: 10-15...
  2. W

    Can a location be blocked on instagram for automation?

    I am really new to instagram automation. So i made the mistake of automating over 15 accounts with no proxies whatsoever. ofcourse learning the hard way, starting to get blocks over and over. So now ive changed my Ip adress, and decided to run only 1 account with automation on my residential ip...
  3. W

    “please wait a few minutes before trying again”

    Everytime i try and update my page, too the new follower count, I get this message. Also when i want to other peoples accounts, i doesnt show how many they follow and are following. Is this because of the bot I am running?
  4. W

    "Please wait a few minutes before you try again"

    I get this everytime update my own page or check out someone elses. Is this a block from instagram? My network seem to be working fine on YouTube.
  5. W

    What is the safe settings for like ammount on automation?

    Ive tried 5-10 with 40-50 seconds break tim, and about 500 likes in total. But yet my actions get blocked around 60-70 likes.
  6. W

    Followliker was giving 50+ a day and now 5 per day :(( HELP!!!!

    I was getting 50+ followers each day, with followliker, but suddenly one day i got 5 followers, and same is happening today :( I checked the statistics and im still following the same ammount of people(around 900) each day, so i dont think instagram is blocking me following. Could it be they...
  7. W

    Some days i get +45-60 follwers in 1 day, and one day i got 4 followers xD

    Some days i get +45-60 follwers in 1 day, and one day i got 4 followers xD Can I see which accounts that i should remove that do not benefit my account?
  8. W

    Scrape user settings

    In the scape user step i enterede over 100 accounts, but i set the scape user settings to 40. Does this mean it will randomly pick 40 accounts our only pic the first 40 out of the list?
  9. W

    ACTION BLOCKED followliker

    Instagram blocks my followliker from liking anything. ive set it to 20 -30 seconds as a pause. And 5-13 likes. why did this happen?
  10. W

    My instagram is showing a wrong follower count, why?

    When I log on it says i have 800 followers, but when I look at my account from a desktop without logging in, it says I have 766. I refresh both pages. Nothing changed. What is wrong?
  11. S

    Followliker vs Instagram Following Feed

    Hey guys, New to the forum but looking forward to learning and sharing. I've been using FL but noticed the Following Feed on Instagram shows what you've liked and who you followed (privacy wise, this seems a bit much 0-0) Doesn't this scream when you use followliker? I know there is no way...
  12. W

    Will followliker only unfollow people that the software followed?

    I was wondering if followliker will also unfollow people i followed personally from my phone through time?
  13. W

    Is it safe to sign into instagram while a VPS is running?

    Is it safe to sign into Instagram if a VPS is running followliker in another country for that same account?
  14. W

    Can you upload a picture from followliker?

    Is it possible to upload a picture from followliker to instagram, and tag people on the picture?
  15. R

    Followliker following unwanted users

    FL keeps following Persian, Arabic, and other unwanted people. My scrape user setting don't seem like it would select people like this. This isn't my intended audience is there anything i can do to change this? Like a csv file that blocks most languages except english? i don't know what to do
  16. mayo321

    Looking for save Instagram proxies

    Hey guys, I've started to build up a quite large list of Instagram accounts. I've bought all accounts from @ValarInstagramis. The accounts work great. The only problem is the proxy quality. Im working with Followliker and my accounts keep getting banned and/or deleted. I've bought two private...
  17. Elmehdimehfoud


    Guys im not getting the updates of followliker im still on 9.7.7 should i upgrade the license & pay monthly to get the new updates ?
  18. crendon2854

    Is FollowLiker Experience?

    Hi, a few months back, I purchased a followliker subscription. The card I had on file was mis placed and needed to update my card information but FOLLOW LIKER SUPPORT, will not respond to my tickets. They no longer offer support at [email protected] They autoreply to this email with...
  19. M

    Followliker is not working anymore?

    hello everyone. I have over 100 IG accounts it used to be working well for me in the past but over the last 6 months I started getting many issues by followerliker in such not posting photos or commenting or anything else. I run 35 account per window and I try to clean its cookies every 2...
  20. Luksa998

    Instagram settings help?

    What is safe settings for you guys on new accounts, what for old accounts (follow, unfollow, likes, photo sharing ) ? Do you buy pva accounts or you creating yours with sim cards? Where you buy accounts ? What tool you use to automate accounts? Also what is best proxies for you ? Lets help to...