1. james_bond_007

    Wordpress blog and VPS

    Why are there blogs for sale on flippa.com whose owners pay $100 a month for a VPS. These are just wordpress blogs with articles, why aren't they using regular wordpress hosting for $10? 180K visitors a month is not very many and this kind of hosting should handle it. (Check screens below)
  2. A

    Want to sell my business—need advice

    Hi folks, The other night, somewhat out of boredom, I did an estimate on one of my business on Flippa. I was very surprised by the estimate, so much so that the idea of selling this business became very serious for me. I must admit that the idea of throwing it all away, of leaving with my...
  3. webcrucials

    Good idea to sell gaming website?

    Hello, Is it good idea to sell gaming website Like Gaming Review, Download Games or Gaming Video website Because these websites get traffic easily.
  4. L

    Flippa expert please help

    Which type of websites can easily sell on flippa i am talking about starter websites so i will not lose domain hosting flippa fees money Thank You
  5. L

    Need help in flippa

    Hello I have created few websites I want to add one of them to flippa if I get a good offer but I don't know which one will work on flippa f any one can help me I don't want to waste my 15$ and help me little bit flippa listing Thank You
  6. R

    Flippa buy website

    Hi everyone, I am writing this post because I plan to buy one or two websites on flippa in the near future with the aim of creating recurring passive income. Since I am a beginner in this environment I would like to know if some of you have any advice to give me in relation to this business? For...
  7. H

    Is this a profitable idea?

    Hey there, I want to make some money with Flippa. I came with an idea and it's: Creating dropshipping websites that will bring traffic from google (optimized dropshipping website for Search engine) I will create specific niche websites, and try to rank the products with the google merchant. Give...
  8. MSF

    Selling Unique Profitable Ecom Assets

    I need a partner or two to join me in a quit a unique opportunity. As the title says, I have a kind of business related to dropshipping that is almost untouched with huge profit potential. Ideal partner will have fair understanding of E-commerce, Dropshipping and the overall process of...
  9. CyberCommander

    Why so low quality (Domain names and Websites)?

    Hi guys I see very often that websites with bad domains are offered. Also the prices are mostly excessive. When you start a project, please think about a good marketing concept from the beginning. This includes a good domain, which is easy to pronounce and memorize. How can I buy a premium...
  10. A

    What are the alternatives to Flippa?

    What are the alternatives to Flippa? to sell your websites and domain names
  11. IrwinJ

    Flipping an affiliate website after Amazon commission changes

    I was curious to see if people are attempting to sell their websites given the current climate (coronavirus, Amazon commission changes). I've been checking out a few places, mainly Flippa. It's reasons like this why I find Flippa a bit malicious...
  12. D

    How motioninvest sell these Amazon Affiliates sites at this huge prices?

    I don't understand how motioninvest still sell this Amazon Affiliates sites for huge amount.
  13. HenryObi

    How Much Can This Site Be Sold?

    I'm trying to help a friend sell to some guys on Facebook(a flipping site group). The site presently makes between $400 to $500 via adsense(display ads) monthly. Also the site gets over 90% of its traffic from social media and the rest from direct, referral and search in that order. So with...
  14. G

    low price for profitable website on flippa

    hey I would like to ask you are so much website sellers on flippa are scammers or there is some catch ? I'm asking because i see many websites for example with monthly profit 10k $ and price of such a website is something around 20-25k. Could you tell me guys are these websites providers are...
  15. Walther

    Can you sell on eBay?

    Having issues using Flippa and not alot of solid alternatives. Buysellwebsite used to be a good simple service but shut down years ago. Anyone have experience listing websites for sale on eBay? With or without revenue. Interested in other options as well.
  16. mastertanvir

    Any experience buying/selling Dropshipping website on Flippa?

    I just want to know if you have any experience selling/buying dropshipping website from Flippa. Because I want to buy/sell websites from there.
  17. empire247

    How the DropServicing business model changed my life

    I been dropservicing aka outsourcing services for the last 7 years. Stripe Sales Proof: https://imgur.com/2vbXxzf I was 25 years old when I started doing it full-time and quit my job. I am 32 years old now. I made my first dollar online at 24 years old. Most people was dropshipping products...
  18. S

    Starter Websites and their price

    Hi, I am planning to sell some starter websites in flippa and other platforms . Website : Domain + Theme + 100 articles (or 50/100/200 articles) I will book the domain.. write articles and then put it into an auction. I want to know how to set the price. I know it may be niche related...
  19. HiPurple

    Flippa Now Offers Finder Service For Business Acquisition

    For a fee of $50 monthly plus a 2.5% acquisition fee (payable only when business is purchased), Flippa Finder will assist prospective site buyers with various aspects of the new business search and setup, e.g. deal negotiation, business verification, data room setup, and account management...
  20. HiPurple

    Flippa Newsletter: 1-year-old WordPress Site Listed At $125K (22x)

    Flippa's daily newsletter has a WP site that is only 1 year old listed for sale at $125K, earning $5807/month, which is a multiple of just over 22x. I wonder how close the sales price will be. I can't see the URL because the seller requires a NDA, but I thought that it was interesting and...