flippa website flipping

  1. E

    How do i get around flippa duplicate ban

    Hello everybody, I have been recently banned from Flippa due to potential shill bidding. Let's say I pushed things a little more than I should have. I've been trying for over a month to create another account but without any luck. Here's what I tried and I still get banned so please help...
  2. jharr53301

    Flippa: Claimed Site Age - Does that mean Domain Age or Site Built Date?

    I have 1 year old domain that Im getting ready to list on Flippa - but the Site itself was just loaded on the domain about 1 month ago. I know its good to have older domains. So question is - what do I put for the Claimed Site Age?
  3. jharr53301

    Flippa: My 1st Site 4 Sale What's better 7 Day or 24 Hour Auction?

    Help! I'm bought to list my first site - it has no traffic and no sales. In one eBook I read do a 24 hour auction and feature it after it gets a bid, in another I read do a 7 day auction and feature it right away. I so confused. :eek: What is the best way to do it? Any tips on how to list...
  4. sapmi

    Really need help selling website/package

    Hi Guys, I'm in need of a bit of money at the moment, so I'm thinking of selling my site, so I'm wondering how much I could ask for it and whether or not I am able to sell this on flippa. First of all, the site was established 16 months ago, with 5 pages of original content. Over the past...
  5. deliz

    Send Me Your Adsense Sites to flip, I got a method to turn them to quick cash

    If you want quick cash for your adsense site, let's talk! I have a method that will turn them to quick cash. PM me.
  6. ishanguptaa

    iPhone Niche 6k Daily Unique :-> $1200/month:-> like to sell

    1. I have a website related to iphone making $25-35 everyday with adsense. 2. Yesterday Technorati Approved me and will be putting up its ads for extra income 3. Another Advertiser Approached and is willing to pay $300 flat fee for listing their product as a banner ads apart from the $.75 that...
  7. C

    Selling my site generating minimum $2k net profit / month

    I like to break the rules and try to sell outside BST.
  8. WebmasterDeluxe

    Flippa and Domain Names

    Does Flippa charge $19 to list a domain name?? If so, that would seem a bit crazy....any other good ideas on an active place to list domain names to sell?
  9. G

    New Flipping Site

    Hi guys, I'm sure like many of you, I got tired of flippa for buying and selling website. I looked at alternatives like sitepoint and of course dp forums. I found all of them filled with scammers. People simply looking to rip everyone else off. I was a victim of this myself. I bought a...

    What could this website be sold for?

    A friend of mine has just emailed me asking how much he could flip his website for: http://aimricher.com He told me that the domain has been registered 2009/09 and that this site has generated exactly $144.35 from April, 1st until April the 30th. Anyways. which 'quick tweaks' could be...
  11. R

    How to get bids on Flippa ? .. need help

    i have listed one of my websites for selling on flippa two days before. The first one day there were 25 view but after that the no. of views are dying down. :confused: is there a way i can get the buyers to bid ... i want to sell this site at some good price.. needs suggestion pls...
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