file sharing

  1. M

    Help - site sharing website setup, aka: mediafire - (domain, cloudflare, reverse ip with cloud vps, to avoid dmca call)

    help to set up a file sharing website that has domain, cloudflare, reverse ip with cloud vps, to avoid dmca call, which can be hosted locally or using cloud storage backblaze or idrive, does anyone know the process
  2. D does anyone have any plans to make money

    The creator of has built a double encrytped publishing platorm I wondered if anyone else on here has any plans to create content and make money in crypto from it?
  3. navarisun

    Filehosting Expiry

    Hello, we all know that filesharing website (Cyperlockers) like zippyshare or depositefiles, delete your files if you are on free plan after 30 days, on premium plan it can last forever. only on the free plan, they keep the file if its downloaded, then it will be extended for another 30 days...
  4. Crock

    "File sharing re-imagined for the social age" - Requesting feedback

    I want to gather some initial feedback on an idea I had for a new social file-sharing app. Think Instagram, but for all types of files. I would be developing this primarily on my own. I feel I have thought about all the potential pitfalls I might face, but it's always good to get second...
  5. J

    Site to upload files but with no DMCA

    Hi! I need a site to upload my documents, but Im uploading medical ebooks for my site so I need a site that dont care much about all that copyright and DMCA. And if its possible, a site that doesnt delete files after a few days. Thank you!!
  6. D

    Va collobartation

    For those who work with VA. How do you collaborate with sharing of files. I have word documents Photos Excel files, etc Sending files by zip is not good. Need an option to share files so we can both access them . So that we can both updated them etc
  7. Plexle

    Plexle - Bulletproof File Hosting

    Plexle is a place to host your files without worrying about them being taken down. We can't violate our users privacy and look inside the servers to check what they have uploaded. This is none of our business. Website: FAQ What is the maximum upload size? The maximum upload...
  8. L

    Need help with torrent uploads

    I'm planning a project that involves sharing apk files through torrents and filesharings. So looking for any guides/tutorials/articles/... about the topic (complete noob) Please suggest me something to read about that. any resources for unloaders hangout?
  9. D

    Anyone using MEGA to make money?

    Hi, anyone here has experience with money sharing websites? I have a growing games website and I want to add MEGA (mega nz) links, if someone interested, PM me.
  10. M

    Earn up to 30$/1k – 60% PPS – Daily payments

    Dear members of BlackHatForum, I'm happy to introduce you to a new file sharing website named . Payment rates: 60% of each sale you refer to this site Pay Per Download ( Up to 30$ per 1000 downloads) Earn 60% of each sale you refer to this site! You can earn money from upgrading...
  11. K

    have file hosting and sharing site, need more traffic - help for a newb, please

    recently bought a file hosting and sharing site that gets good traffic now - in the high millions of sessions monthly. am trying to grow the traffic / site but not really sure how to do that as it's basically just grown organically over the years. seems like bhw has a lot of veterans in...
  12. K

    ad network for high traffic site?

    looking for some help / thoughts here... have a site that does sessions in the high millions monthly with FIXED popunder cpms > $3 for all geos. geos are all over the world though the largest geos are not the typical tier 1s. anyone have thoughts / suggestions on networks that could do better...
  13. S

    Can someone show me a good file-sharing website to get $$ ? (Similar to depositfiles)

    Hello guys im searching for a good file sharing website . I know sites like depositfiles, nowupload, uploaded etc but i dont know which one is the best. Also i cant see my deposit files earnings. Does this site still pays ? Please any advice would be helpfull.
  14. A

    best file sharing and file hosting site for files smaller than 250 MB

    Hey Blackhats, what is your favorite file hoster for files smaller than 250 MB? Actually I'd like my Blackhat friends here to know that Box is the best service for this. You get 10 GB space for free. No ads. No timer. You can listen to mp3s in the browser without downloading. You can preview...
  15. L - Completely Free & No Limits. Highest PPD Rates!

    Hi Everyone, SwankShare has started it's Rewards program to everyone. Our Pay Per Download rates are the highest around! SwankShare Advantage: 2GB Upload File Size Completely Free No Premium No Timer No Delays No Speed Limit No Bandwidth Limit Video Streaming supported Unlimited Storage space...
  16. L

    Need Some Ideas For New Torrent Tracker

    Hello All, I have noticed that there is huge demand of an ebusiness/self help elearning tracker. There are some really good ones out there, but most are so hard to get into that I feel it inhibits what could be shared. I want to start it, basically just for fun. The problem I see with...
  17. B

    [GET] 25GB free online storage at

    I tired to find post on BHW related to this but found nothing so posting here in new thread. While surfing I found this link. Hope you will like it. 1 User 25 GB+ of web storage 100 MB file size limit Simple sharing and collaboration Mobile app access
  18. S

    $$-NEW-$$ ******, Linkbucks etc... New File Sharing Community $$-NEW-$$

    Earning Cash Sharing Files "I've prepared a home for all you ******, linkbucks etc. sharers! Come and Join!" Well the base method is quite simple(if you know this method already you can jump this section and go to the interesting part): You get a file, your personal file or borrowing the link...
  19. ActionJ

    Filesonic Halts All Sharing

    I'm sure we will see more of these coming, also blocked all US users. FileSonic is a big player in the industry, i know its not used here at BHW but with an Alexa of 167 you know thats about to drop.
  20. built2blast

    Info about creating a file hosting website

    I know it probably takes some hard work but does anyone know how to go about making a file hosting site?
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