Need Some Ideas For New Torrent Tracker

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    Hello All,

    I have noticed that there is huge demand of an ebusiness/self help elearning tracker. There are some really good ones out there, but most are so hard to get into that I feel it inhibits what could be shared. I want to start it, basically just for fun. The problem I see with trackers is two fold. #1 you need a lot of users who are willing to share. #2 - If you aren't highly exclusive people lose interest very quickly and your tracker gets the same content all other trackers get. #3 it has to be heavily moderated. I want to balance exclusivity based on having good people inside, not based on keeping people from getting in.

    Therefore, I want to create an exclusive ebusiness/self help tracker, which I will program and set up and all (not looking for help on that), what I do need is your ideas on how to create significant buzz right about the tracker.

    What are your ideas for contests that can be held? Where do you think I can get press? What do you think I should do to get people talking about the tracker?

    Now when you are thinking about this, remember we want to get a lot of buzz, but we want it from people who will share, not from tire kickers. If you are thinking of contests so far I have found the best ideas are ones that generate referrals or buzz, but require some amount of sharing for the prize. Simply put the person who refers the most people with the most bytes shared will win X.

    What ideas does everyone have? The tracker is not yet built, so please no PMs about getting an invite at this point. Also where are good places to announce the launch of a new tracker, where my user account won't get banned and the thread deleted. My forum profiles are pretty important to me.