torrent sites

  1. mayadd

    Where can I share my torrents?

    Hello guys! I've read a method about earning money using torrent. But the problem is I didn't find any good torrent site that accetps uploading and with good traffic. Anyone suggest a good site for torrent uploading?
  2. mayadd

    The Pirate Bay Registration?

    Hello Guys! I'm trying to upload a Torrent file to "" I'm trying to register, but whatever information I put, it says "Wrong code x.The username and/or e-mail address is already in use." What should I do? Is there any other torrent sites which have good traffic and accept...
  3. Nisar Hussain

    Top Torrent Site List which Allow to Upload

    Please share top high traffic Torrent sites where I can upload my files & get downloads.
  4. ahadarzi

    Best & Working Torrent Site for Software Downloads?

    Hello guys, Hope everyone doing well. I want to know the best & Working torrent site for software downloads. What you guys prefer? I tried the same queries with search engines. But, unfortunately I didn't get any worthful information still now. However, some peoples suggest me to use...
  5. B

    How are torrent sites monetized?

    How are torrent sites monetized and how do they set up bank accounts for the cash and withdraw it?
  6. Ali Asghar

    Best CPA Method Involving Torrent Sites 2018

    Hey guys! So this will be a really long post but definitely worth a read, and before I start you guys will probably be wondering that I'm a newbie since I have very little posts. Well I'm definitely a newbie on this website but not in CPA and other internet marketing areas, I've been constantly...
  7. labba20

    What are the populer torrent sites

    What are the populer torrent sites for upload torrents online.
  8. L

    Need Some Ideas For New Torrent Tracker

    Hello All, I have noticed that there is huge demand of an ebusiness/self help elearning tracker. There are some really good ones out there, but most are so hard to get into that I feel it inhibits what could be shared. I want to start it, basically just for fun. The problem I see with...
  9. sujoydhar

    Download Torrent file directly no need to have Software !

    Hello friend I am always tired of being downloading file from Torrent and the speed of downloading is 1 to 2 kbps. After searching a lot I have found as the best to download Torrent file directly to your computer like downloading a file from own hosting. But now that website...
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