file download

  1. M

    Looking for a download script

    Hello, i'm looking for a good php download script similar to : , to be more exact i need a script that allows users to download files hosted on my own server not via external link: google drive, mega etc and has a latest...
  2. Thenaigga

    File Hosting

    Good day, boys:D. I'm looking for a download manager to host files ranging from 300 MB to 1 GB. I sell videos and that is the average of the weight they possess, personally I think it is best to send the content through email directly to the client, but because I have many problems with my...
  3. worldytraveler4

    Content Lockers - B2B Possible?

    Hello, I'm wondering if I say uploaded a template I make for wordpress or after effects, is it possible to put 3 or 4 content lockers back to back (email submit content locker perhaps) so that I can make 3 or 4x as much per download? Is this possible? Is it possible to do this without getting...
  4. Zablo

    File locking Service

    Hi BHW, i am looking for a FLS (File Locking Service) but it must not show any file survey while downloading, i tried looking for it but may be i typed wrong or didn't known exactly what keyword should i used. If anyone known some site like this then please share, i am...
  5. C

    [i Pay] I Need a Software File Downloader Multithread Multi Proxy Support

    Hi, i'm searching in all the web and not, a Software that allows me to load an huge list of urls and then it will download the file contained in each url. I tried Internet Download Manager but it allows only one proxy at time so it's too slow, i need something more fast. Here's the Must...
  6. L

    Need Some Ideas For New Torrent Tracker

    Hello All, I have noticed that there is huge demand of an ebusiness/self help elearning tracker. There are some really good ones out there, but most are so hard to get into that I feel it inhibits what could be shared. I want to start it, basically just for fun. The problem I see with...
  7. Thub15

    Filesonic How to make some cash?

    I'm sharing a lot of great things with folks and that's great. But I want to make some money when people are downloading this stuff. I'm thinking about filesonic or another site like that. I'm wondering where are a good couple of places that I can post those links? Where I can get some...
  8. LX911

    Auto Downloader

    Is there any software that automatically solves the captchas and downloads the files from file sharing sites after periodic intervals throughout the day?
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