1. K

    Facebook fan page help

    I need someone to install the viral like script,, add me on skype bhwftw
  2. M

    Facebook APP FBML

    I created a Facebook App on my Fan page, but cannot figure out the FBML to insert a working comments section with a "like" link. Suggestions?
  3. gettinthere

    Facebook product available for joint venture

    If anyone is interested in promoting a Facebook Pages product let me know. Potentially will launch in here and on Warrior Forum first then clickbank (maybe as soon as next week), Details to be confirmed - product related to recent/forthcoming Facebook changes and will be video, pdf, template...
  4. D

    Facebook to remove FBML tab from Fan Pages

    As you may already know, Facebook made some MAJOR changes to the Pages platform yesterday. We have seen mixed reviews on what people are saying. Some of the changes we have been told are only bugs, but some are permanent. We will keep you posted as things progress, So 1 thing I...
  5. bbillings

    Need some expert Facebook Custom Fanpage Designers

    I looking for some Facebook Custom Fanpage designers. Please PM me your rates and links to past work you done. This will be on going work so I'm looking for EXPERTS and RELIABLE DESIGNERS/WORKERS
  6. |BlackMarket|

    [GET] Mini-Website For FanPage

    Whats up guys! Ok. Since this is the Facebook section where all the FB lovers and hatters hang out together, so i'm posting this to inform you that i shared a mini-website custom Fanpage template HERE (Download Section) I dont want to double post it in this section. Please participate...
  7. S

    Problem with Facebook fb Multi Friend Selector

    I am adding the friend selector to a FB tab and when I go through with the steps an issue comes up. From a user's perspective, the invite sent is for Static FBML!! not the name of the page, etc. The invite is not supposed to be from FBML. Will this ALWAYS happen when i insert a multi friend...
  8. M

    What iz FBML for this fan page

    Does any one know how to make that links show after couple seconds how to pauze it? this page ID after domain... {removed as req}
  9. M

    Load external site in fan page?

    Does anyone know how to load iframe and external website into FMBL on fan pages? <fb:iframe> don't work, it must load I think via java script or something.. pls replay how can to make that. THX
  10. D

    Need a FBML Programmer asap

    Please let me know if the following can be done and how much would it be. My client has a fan page with 2000+ fans and they would like a custom tab created where they want to give free tickets to a winner weekly. The person who suggests the most friends to this page gets to win the free ticket...
  11. D

    FBML Designer needed on a regular basis

    Looking for a FBML / Facebook designer on a regular basis. About 5 fan page(sites) a month at least. Can you design pages like: hxxp://w3.facebook.com/MosaicSanJose hxxp://w3.facebook.com/FoxSportsGrill hxxp://w3.facebook.com/GoldCountryCasino hxxp://w3.facebook.com/H2ONiteClub...
  12. M

    Wordpress Blog FBML Tab on Facebook Page

    Hey everybody. Just wanted to thank you for your help here in my first week as a member. I am a newbie and have had lots of questions and I appreciate many of you taking the time to offer your rare and valuable services, as well as your priceless knowledge. My question is I have noticed...
  13. Crazy

    FBML and Graph API Help

    Hey all, I'm looking to link up with someone that has experience with FBML, XFBML, and Graph API... as well as being proficient in PHP. Honestly I just need a few tips and hints on some aspects I don't fully grasp, but I'm willing to toss you some $ if you can lend me your thoughts and answer...
  14. K

    My fan Page surpassing 10,000 fans

    My fan page will be surapassing 10,000 fans today. After 10,000 there is somekind of a verfication process right? Will my fan page be banned if they see a force-invite-app on it? Should I take the Page-Tab down for the verfication process?
  15. K

    FBML Help

    Hey guys so I've recently started working on facebook pages and I got my first page made so I had to start with the FBML part of it. I got my step one down with a little picture saying to click the "Fan Button". I'm kinda stuck after this. What I'm looking for is some kind of help or code as to...
  16. D

    Need FBML Pages

    Need FBML Pages for actors, musicians etc. Please PM me with examples and price. Thank you
  17. jetiz

    [GET] Here I got a very nice detailed article on creating a Facebook Fanpages

    This is a techcrunch article on creating facebook fan pages very useful and detailed article for those who are still finding it hard to learn. http://techcrunch.com/2010/03/28/how-to-build-engaging-one-of-kind-facebook-fan-pages/ and also Its a must checkout for those who already know a...
  18. S

    $5k A Day From Facebook CPA, Really Possible??

    I have an associate claiming he's making 5k a day pushing CPA offers through Facebook pages. First question is, is that really possible? If so, I've figured out some of what he's doing through the little info he'll give me and the threads here on BHW but I think I'm missing some critical...
  19. L

    Easy $5+ a day on Facebook. (legit method)

    Hello, Here is a easy way to make $5 a day with Adsense and a targeted website with Facebook Pages. Basically all you need is a Facebook Page with over 10k page members, its best to use a page thats getting a high amount of new ad's each day. Then use "FBML" (search for it on Facebook) Add...
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