Problem with Facebook fb Multi Friend Selector


Nov 19, 2010
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I am adding the friend selector to a FB tab and when I go through with the steps an issue comes up. From a user's perspective, the invite sent is for Static FBML!! not the name of the page, etc.

The invite is not supposed to be from FBML. Will this ALWAYS happen when i insert a multi friend selector in a tab? is there an attribute i can add or change to alter this?

I dont think people will respond to an invite from FBML. I want it to be from 'my page'.
I think that:
<fb:request-form type="abcdefg">

Will be seen as "abcdefg Invitation" when someone recieves it.
That is because you are using Static FBML app, so that is who gets the invites.

Go create your own app and it will then be invites to your app, oh, that dont work out so well either, because it will be for the page of your app, not your fan page.
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