1. C

    Hello World !!!

    Happy to be here, Hope that i will found my place, Not yet understand what you did here but very interested about all the subjects that you have! I love computer, spend my days on it and looking for a way to make money and leave from, for the moment the best that i can do is somme...
  2. R

    Introducing Myself

    Hello awesome people, I am Rabiul from Bangladesh. I work in Technocrews as a web developer. I am a newbie in this forum site. Nice to see you all. :cool: :) Regards, Rabiul Tanmoy
  3. S

    Image vs Imagination

    This is what comes to my mind when I have seen it! If there are @TheVigilante and @Razen666 in the first image, then who will be a one in the middle of the second image.. any guess..?? Yes, It's absolutely @Queen Heidi ... :D:D:DLOL Let's share who is coming to your mind when you see this...
  4. Kakashimoto

    Supreme Love!

    Hi, I just new here! I want me friend you
  5. nuxli

    How to know where my friends live?

    I have a facebook profile "Hot chick" and I''m collecting alooot of friends that I want to monetize somehow. Is there a way to find out what country they are from? Is there any program that collects data from my facebook friends. I used chatturbate program where I got 138 raw hits and 99 unique...
  6. WhiteDeal

    [JV] Store looking for Partner

    Profit Share 50-50% on the sales you generate. About the Dropshipping Store: - A full functioning Store - Fulfillment tested - Fully Branded - Audience/Competitors analysed - examples Ready - Orders are rolling in slowly What you should can/do: - Your job is to drive traffic to my store from...
  7. X

    [Advice] Do you tell someone that you don't go to College

    Hi , i wanted to create this thread because now i stopped to go to college and the problem is that all my friend i tell them that i still go to College just to wait that i earn some good money and have a good financial situation then i can tell it to everybody i think the reason behind it is...
  8. N

    Hello buddies!

    Hey Guys!!! I'm Nebula and have some knowledge of the latest technology. I'll Update current trendy technology. Stay tunes Guysssss
  9. itzsoikot

    Hi everyone

    i am very new and interested to make a good community with you gys.
  10. anhero

    Real Life Advice: How to Use Graphic Designer Friend to Make Money?

    ALright so my exstepmom's best friend / boyfriend (strange relationship they have) is a graphic designer and musician buut... he's a naive millennial numale, and so he's been talking to me about doing business, and of course, beCAUse he's a millenial numale, he doesn't know how the internet...
  11. pulok

    Need help from free traffic earners

    Hey guys I know what I'm asking is too much but apearntly I struggling hard to earn a pinny from free traffic and I don't have any money to invest.I have tried different methods (torrent,chat room,craglist..) But it didn't help me.I can't ask to show your exact method to earn money.just suggest...
  12. D

    Growing a targeted facebook account.

    Hello, guys. I'm trying to grow a facebook account. So I filled up the information, added a profile pic and a cover photo. Now I started sending requests for Shopify groups. I plan on being active there and slowly start promoting my services. Now, I started sending friend requests to people from...
  13. N

    What's Best Way to Get 1000 US Facebook Friends

    I have aged (3 to 4 years old) facebook accounts. I want to add 1000 US friends. My plan is to joing fb group in 'add me' and 'dating' niche. Do some posting on these groups and send / get friendship requests. You know fb is very strict. Can you please suggest me how I can keep my account...
  14. J

    Hey Guys! New from London here :D

    Just joined this awesome community and I've been on it all day and learnt so much already! Grateful to be here and a huge hello to all!! Hoping to make some good friends along the way too! Joe
  15. uristjack

    I'VE BEEN TRIGGERED: 6 Psychological Buttons to Push For $$$$$

    I'VE BEEN TRIGGERED: 6 Psychological Buttons to Push for $$$ Let me tell you a story. You're writing copy for your newest website, You're making some sweet, sweet SEO + Affiliate Marketing money. It's nice. But not enough. So what do you do? You hop onto BHW, hoping...
  16. D

    Need a guideline to my website or blog project

    Hi guys ! I'm new here in to the BHW, i've been looking around here for a 1 month when i decide to create my first project online, since i don't have job for now and have a lot of spare time, i'm a 27 years old guy btw. So here i am to ask for some orientation from you all, i found a niche(a...
  17. S

    Facebook: How many people can you add per day?

    Hey guys, I am building a facebook bot right now. How many people should I add per hour / day without getting banned?
  18. B

    max 5000++ friends list in FB

    Hi Guys, I have maximum number of friends in FB personal account (not FB Page) and hundreds more that is awaiting approval (which I cant anymore) I have been thinking hard on how can I capitalise on this. I am eager to work on something even if it requires having to work on a separate...
  19. Junior the goon

    How can I readd my friend list [2.3k] friends on a new fb

    I just got through a 30 day ban due to some pics I posted on my fan page, 4 days later , this morning I awoke to another ban from a different picture, so I decided to make a new account and add everyone again I have all the emails of the people just need a point in the right direction , any...
  20. H

    How to get more friend on FB Quickly

    Does anyone know How to get more friend on FB Quickly without ban.