Need a guideline to my website or blog project

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    Mar 24, 2016
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    Hi guys !

    I'm new here in to the BHW, i've been looking around here for a 1 month when i decide to create my first project online, since i don't have job for now and have a lot of spare time, i'm a 27 years old guy btw.
    So here i am to ask for some orientation from you all, i found a niche(a huge one) and i guess it may have a lot of people doing it,
    i'm wondering if a noob like me, in these whole website stuffs social media w/e, would be better to start with a blog or i can go to wordpress directly? And other thing that i'm looking for is a partnership with someone to help me out with webdesigner / photoshop stuff's in facebook, IG, blog or website, i have the whole project in my mind done, but i don't know how to create some art and stuffs, i guess the SEO thing we can learn here rigth? :p, another point in my project is that i want to make a multi-language blog / site / facebook/ IG for him, anyway i'm looking for more people 2 or 3 including me to help with this.

    I'll send more details when i found these guys, another thing... i don't have the name done for that project yet, it could be nice to find out together!

    well i guess it's all for now, sorry for my whole grammar mistakes and errors, i'm terrible with english