What iz FBML for this fan page


May 26, 2009
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Does any one know how to make that links show after couple seconds how to pauze it?

this page ID after domain... {removed as req}
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you might want to clear what you said up a bit, I don't understand what you mean by, "Does any one know how to make that links show after couple seconds how to pauze it"?

Also, what's with the "iz" instead of "is" :)
Is that some new kind of trend?
Yes sorry about that I was write fast :)

Are you try to press Like button, than shows something like step 2 (on that fan page drugi korak). When you click on it you have JS animation and after you wait couple seconds on that steps link shows.. I want to know in FBML how to make that link show up after couple sec.
There used to be a script on these forums somewhere that had that functionality, or something similar... If I come across something neat that serves your purpose, I will let you know.
Please remove that fanpage link from your post as soon as possible...
If you're interested in getting that script pm me.
Gradimir can you send me mail with script on labudejezero it is on yahoo because I cant send PM I dont have enough posts.. Thx
I was remove fanpage ID..
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I know but I was asking only how to pause to show link after click in facbook JS for couple sec, only code for that. ;)
i also want to know how to do that,can somebody tell me how?
Why does every n00b think everything should be free and everyone should share? @OP, your little bribe above was stupid!

Instead of begging for freebies, go and do some research and learn. I could reproduce the page you are talking about in minutes but don't bother asking me. No chance.
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