Facebook to remove FBML tab from Fan Pages

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by deneke, Feb 11, 2011.

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    Dec 18, 2010
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    As you may already know, Facebook made some MAJOR changes to the Pages platform yesterday. We have seen mixed reviews on what people are saying.

    Some of the changes we have been told are only bugs, but some are permanent. We will keep you posted as things progress,

    So 1 thing I wanted to tell you about that I am sure will be raising questions. I will address this here.

    1. FBML
    The FBML application is going to be going away as of March 11th 2011 we have been told directly by Facebook. If you already have the app installed, it will continue to work just as it does now, and you will continue to be able to edit it from our platform now and forever....

    However, after 3.11, new page owners who do not already have the FBML app added to their pages will not be able to add it. So if you know people starting new pages, tell them to install FBML immediately.

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    You make a good point. BUT I'm guessing they are offering an alternative, iframes I believe. Is it possible to do the same with iframes?

    Not a programmer so I may not be quite getting this ;)
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    Advanced Topics › Legacy FBML › fb:serverFbml

    Renders the FBML on a Facebook server inside an IFrame. You must use this tag to render elements on Facebook like fb:request-form for friend selectors. The tags that don't need to be used with fb:serverFbml are listed on FB.XFBML.parse.

    This container tag holds display/FBML elements that must be served in a Facebook IFrame for security reasons. For instance, the fb:request-form tag must be wrapped inside this tag in order to work on a Facebook website, since we need to be able to verify that the user performed the actions on the form.