1. crzbot91

    Buying Goods from China

    I wanted to get your take on this idea, and maybe you can point out any flaws that you can find or things that I should change. Looking to doing some sales via Ebay currently have established accounts but will be scrapping everything and starting Fresh with more anonymity and discretion. Looking...
  2. EdgarW

    How to get REAL people in social networking services: sharing experience

    I want to discuss one serious problem. Fb, Twitter even goddamn LinkedIn are literally infested with fake accounts or bots today. If you need more convertions from traffic generated within social networking systems sometimes it`s pretty hard to select (and attract) real target auditory from...
  3. B

    Help! Am i in trouble?

    OK, so i have a recently registered domain that im gonna use for selling beats. Stupidly, I used keywords in the domain so probably flagged something somewhere. However, as I'm only using it as an easy way to take orders for people on my fb and other friends networks (who will get a % of...
  4. M

    Someone please explain vero to me!!!!!!

    i posted this on another forum, hopefully ill find answers on this one. being new to this ive learned vero might be a problem to me. could someone please explain to me exactly what vero is? are there actual human beings studying listings and their pictures then deciding an item is a fake and...
  5. M

    Someone please explain vero to me!!!!!!

    being new to this im finding out vero might be a problem to us on ebay. could someone please explain to me exactly what vero is? are there actual human beings sitting at computers studying listings pictures and their description then deciding theyre fakes and reporting them? or does ebay just...
  6. AnImALmoTheR

    A heads up for all BHW members! PSP, iPhone, XBox etc..

    I was thinking to write something down myself, but a friend from another forum have done it much better (chines guy). His name is Ben, so this is his text from his forum (i would link but it is against the rules..). Read and remember.... What I have noticed frequently throughout this forum...
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