facebook markeing

  1. dillywilly

    Reverse FB profile lookup to find phone /email

    Hello Is there a way to search for FB users, phone numbers, or emails by reversing Facebook profile lookups? I'm aware of websites like White Pages and BeenVerified. If I have a list of 100k FB profiles, is there a way to automate this process by using a script to import the profiles and extract...
  2. B

    Need Facebook group poster

    Need someone to post 50 post a day for 5 days to different specific Facebook groups. You need your own aged account and a good understanding if English ad you will find the groups based upon my criteria. You will also need a way to receive payment...no Bitcoin Pm price
  3. itsmejames7

    Any social media expert here ?

    I have a content downloading website (for movies and web series). I have decent traffic of about 5k per day. But as per human nature, I want more traffic. So I am thinking to share my website on Facebook and Instagram through paid promotions. Now here comes my question, Can we share piracy...
  4. M

    How laverage facebook private groups for lead generation?

    Hello guys.. I found really good engage fb private groups. But most of them dont allow links nor promotion. How can I generate chatbot/email lead from these groups? Any tips?
  5. emvam

    Need help to Facebook group with massplanner

    Well, I heard that massplanner is still active not sure but some1 told me you can get it via invitation. Actually I want to build a FB-group for a specific niche and that's why I need automation software. can any1 tag or share me with any updated good guidelines about it?
  6. michel hocks

    How Can i Create This type Of Link

    People are posting there landing page on Facebook with this type of custom link how can I do this can anybody share with me. Really need to know
  7. Joshgnh

    Facebook lead gen ad for local business

    Hi guys, I am running a campaign for local business company in LA, they have clients database. I am wondering is there a way to use this database to improve my audience. Please let me know. Thanks.
  8. Joseph Viet

    I'm new BHW. My niche is Social Media Marketing Tools.

    Ihave a Social Media Management Platform. It maybe useful for you if you need to schedule your posts on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,..) We can discuss right this forum.
  9. mastertanvir

    [JOURNEY] Cold email method for dropshipping website

    I have just launched my dropshipping website. Now what I am doing for marketing. Joined bunch of groups of related niches. Collected emails of more than 2000 members by audience extractor software. Now I will run a email campaign to the emails with the best selling products. Don't know what...
  10. Geka

    Why do big FB pages don't post links anymore?

    I haven't been following facebook pages for a long time, but I remember that most big pages, espeically memes, viral, facts pages, used to post links every other post But now it seems like no one posts any links anymore, why is that? And how they're profiting from it nowadays?
  11. seoxz

    Looking for a Facebook Group Poster

    Let me know if anyone can create a tool or already has a tool for posting on multiple groups with multiple profiles so that they dont get banned.
  12. A

    FB UID still relevant?

    I know I can't build a custom audience anymore using FB UID, but is there a tool I can use to do other things? Send personal msg, invite to events, invite to FB page, scrape more info, tag them in posts, anything at all?
  13. Huxtable

    Creating sustainable accounts that use generic photos, not people

    Hi guys, I've run very large campaigns previously anything up to 2000-4000 accounts at one time working with a strong product that didn't require me to send links, just build interest and speak to people via FB messenger. It's come to a point for compliance for the type of product that I...
  14. KHR

    Facebook Ads Group Targeting ???

    Hello, I need help to Target specific Facebook Groups? I want to target precisely 16K users. How can I do that? In my opinion, Scraping the Group Members Interests. How to Do It? What is the Best Solution? Please Help Me. Thanks
  15. FormerBoxer

    FB Ads Not Delivering

    Any body been noticing this? Boosting the post isn't get any delivery and I notice when you create campaigns the ads are approved but not delivering?
  16. JamesLovell

    CPA Earnings

    From free traffic, Free method :)
  17. kikiriki

    [ GIVEAWAY ] Amazing way to get free Facebook Fan Page Fans - Premium class

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share with you my new class "Amazing way to get free Facebook Fan Page Fans". In this class i show a simple way that i use everyday to increase my facebook fan pages for free without paying for ads. If you own fb fan page or want to get started with facebook fan pages...
  18. mapasorimon

    I got a large number of real USA and UK traffic sources and got a great result

    Hello everyone actually I'm a professional SEO & affiliate marketer and I have a small company to doing own marketing and also we are helping others people to engage their business. My business doing good cause I got a large number of USA and UK based buy sell trade and eCommerce Facebook groups...
  19. S

    Facebook SEO Leads

    Hi, Does anyone tried selling SEO services on Facebook Via Custom Audiences? If Yes - Please share some ideas. I tried facebook custom audience, I have list who are small business owners - But dint get any good result. Please share some thoughts on this.
  20. O

    Send private messages to facebook users

    Can deliver Facebook Emails Choose event ( sort by all;male;female;rsvp status),group or your friends, get emails and send bulk messages to all of them for more details, price send me a message will do test upon request cheers
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