facebook friends

  1. younglivyy

    How can I get 5000 Puerto Rican Facebook Friends

    Please I will love to know how I can get 5000 Puerto Rico facebook friends, any suggestion is welcome with both hamd. Thank you.
  2. sarahsaturne

    Why cannot I invite anymore my FACEBOOK friends to follow your iNSTAGRAM account?

    Why cannot I invite anymore my FACEBOOK friends to follow your iNSTAGRAM account? 1 - I elaborate : Few weeks ago, it was possible for me to INVITE my Contacts (close to Suggestions INSTAGRAM offers) and also my FACEBOOK friends - the 3 possibilities are on the same line on the top (even if my...
  3. Porkys1982

    Can You Still Follow Your Facebook Friends On Instagram ?

    I don't have the option anymore under Discover People ? I only have the link to follow contacts … Is there another way to follow all of your facebook friends ? Thanks for any help !
  4. I

    REVEALED!!! HOW TO GET FACEBOOK FRIENDS + subscribers ( 300+ a day) FOR FREEEEEE

    Hello BHW members, Hope you're all doing great^^ --------------------------------------------------------- Today, I'm gonna share with you an easy way to get Facebook friends and subscribers for free.:cool:;) What you need? - a facebook account + hot profile picture :anyway::devil:( use...
  5. NetForceOne

    Add Facebook friends from URL

    Hi guys, I was able to scrape a huge list of profile url (www.facebook.com/username). Now, I'd like to add them all (approx 5000) but I don't have any way to do that automatically and not get banned. Any suggestions?
  6. dbs00

    [Selling]Social Services ! YT, FB, Twitter, Views, Plays, Votes, Shares etc

    Social Services! YT, FB, Twitter, views, plays, votes , shares etc Are you ready to boost your social presence?? You can get more info on BYWEX's SMM PANEL. What kind of social services do we offer? DIRECT SUPPLIER for some services! = You know what this means!!! API ready panel with...
  7. r3L4x

    Method how to get Facebook unlimited friends and pass photo verification

    Hello all, so I decided to share my old method how to get facebook friend and pas photo verification and with this method you will get group. 1) Create 2 female accounts. 2) Try to fill out as many details in info, try to add real home made photos and take beautiful girls photos. 3) Make...
  8. C

    Facebook messages

    hello guys iwanted toknow howcan i send message to all my friends on facebook with in one Click hopecansome onehelp me thank you
  9. Sanjar

    How to use FB accounts to not get banned?

    Can anyone tell me how to use FB accounts to not get banned or to not see any re-verification message? for example, FB might ask you to identify friends by photos or names, FB might ask you to re-verify your phone number or they might even ban you from using that account anymore. Now can anyone...
  10. HexamilesoftOfficial


    Hi BHW, We are sharing the unlimited comments code for console. Please use it on your own risk it can banned the comments from facebook. Simple post anything on Facebook user wall and go to the comments section click on the comments and right click to get console and paste the code with your...
  11. Padilla

    What is the best software about Facebook marketing?

    I got my Facebook account for one year, but there is still not too many followers, friends, likes. Facebook is important for me, can anyone recommend me some software for Facebook marketing?
  12. dori92

    [GET] iMacros Code To Accept Facebook Friend Requests

    Hey Everyone .I just made a simple imacros script for accepting fb friend requests. Enjoy :D VERSION BUILD=8970419 RECORDER=FX TAB T=1 URL GOTO=https://www.facebook.com/friends/requests/?fcref=jwl TAG POS=1 TYPE=BUTTON ATTR=ID:u_* TAG POS=1 TYPE=BUTTON ATTR=ID:u_* WAIT SECONDS=1 TAG POS=1...
  13. swagbasedgodswag

    How to successfully convert profiles to pages?

    This is my first go at this. I have built up a hot female profile up to 5K full of niche related friends and now I want to convert her profile into a page and merge pages with my niche page. Is this a simple task or am I risking losing my profile? Also, say if I do accomplish everything and...
  14. iknowjack

    From 0 to 5000 FB friends in aprox 1 month

    I have my own method to get 5000 facebook friends in 1 day, what you advise to do next ? I am not expert in fb or facebook marketing, although for quite some time i successful at ranking fb pages, those pages in past belong to small facebook accounts. I never in past tried hard to get many...
  15. P

    Facebook Supplier

    In need of -Facebook USA Likes, Shares, Friends, Daily Post Likes Supplier Kindly give me your skype id
  16. Goosy

    [Want to know] Javascript code that clicks all "add a friend" buttons at once.

    Greetings! Usually if you wanted lots of friends, you found a list of people who have liked a Page and then manually click each fan individually for a friend request. Now there used to be a code that you entered from a Chrome Console that clicked all the buttons at once. Does anyone know a...
  17. A

    Danish Facebook accounts and Danish Facebook friends

    Im looking for Danish Facebook accounts with images and Facebook friends (also from Denmark). They accounts must be for boys and girls age between 13 and 16 years, since they are for educational and entertainment blogs. Has to be high q work - real looking. Anyone who can do the job here please...
  18. fastandreal

    Need account with 5k USA real active friends.

    Hey , someone sell USA FB accounts with a lot of real friends , if yes please PM me.
  19. D

    Facebook Friends

    Ok so I have my regular FB account and have recently attempted to create a fake one. I failed the first time before I got to 150 friends because they made me do a tests in which I had to put the name of the people who were my friends. I did not know their names and so I can no longer access this...
  20. I

    Auto Accept Facebook Friends by one click

    :) I am sharing you, a script, use Google chrome for this script. log in to facebook press F12, and click console. and paste javascript:for( i = 1;i<document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]").length;i++){document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]")[i].click();}void(0); and then enter all...
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