Facebook Friends


Jun 2, 2014
Ok so I have my regular FB account and have recently attempted to create a fake one. I failed the first time before I got to 150 friends because they made me do a tests in which I had to put the name of the people who were my friends. I did not know their names and so I can no longer access this account.

I have recently made a second account but have no friends and am a bit scared to add too many because this may happen again.
Now I should clarify this account is for personal use. I need to have a good 300-500 friends. If someone could help me out here in some way.
Time is not really an issue I dont need the 500 friends for tomorrow or anything. If you have a fake account of your own and dont mind adding me it would be really helpful. I cant send PMs yet and I cant post the link to my fake account here sooo any ideas? THANKS A LOT
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