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May 10, 2018
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Why cannot I invite anymore my FACEBOOK friends to follow your iNSTAGRAM account?
1 - I elaborate :
Few weeks ago, it was possible for me to INVITE my Contacts (close to Suggestions INSTAGRAM offers) and also my FACEBOOK friends - the 3 possibilities are on the same line on the top (even if my account is linked since the beginning to my FACEBOOK page - and my FACEBOOK profile is the only Admin of my FACEBOOK profile - so it's not linked to my FACEBOOK page directly) to my INSTAGRAM account...
There was a button FOLLOW ALL on the top, but of course with more than 1000 of my Contacts or also of my FACEBOOK friends - each time it was impossible to do it.

Only if I was trying to INVITE one by one...

That's why I was expecting a bot to do it...

I asked for to the support of my bot NINJAGRAM and they said they didn't see exactly what I mean and after they understood that it was not possible with it.

2 - More than this, I encountered a problem with FACEBOOK who automatically asked me to edit my password every now and then (suspicion of hacking? - even if it's always me and can be only me who uses it!) and then since 6 months, approximately once per a week, every Friday evening most of the times, I do need to change my password... I am extremely tired of it and I let the FACEBOOK support know but it appears they weren't able to help me... saying usually it happened if the person is travelling a lot? which isn't my case.

So each time, afertwards, I was needing also to RECONNECT again my MESSENGER and also my INSTAGRAM...

but I don't know why I cannot find the way anymore I was able to do this on INSTAGRAM to again being able to invite one by one my FACEBOOK friends to my INSTAGRAM account...

On the same time, when I looked at the accounts links on INSTAGRAM, my FACEBOOK page is always noted, whatever the change of password, so why I cannot see anymore my FACEBOOK friends on INSTAGRAM? Maybe they changed something lately?

I would be very grateful if you can help me for this problem also even if it's not exactly the main BHW purpose! Sorry about it...
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