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  1. Streamguy

    Fastest traffic/ backlinks/SEO to website

    Hello, Just want to know what is the best way to generate more traffic to my site (Jedistream). Which works better and gets better conversion rate? Thanks,
  2. H

    Starting an agency

    So guys, I have been trying different methods of making money as a newbie which some worked out and earned me few box while some crashed... I have been making research on SMMA (social media marketing agency) and I've decided to devote my time on creating a successful one.. I will be sharing...
  3. M

    How i can get credit To link paypal with facebook

    Hello friends i Have Big Probleme :/ it's been 2 Week i can't Run ads i try more than 10 virtual card but the same Error ''paypa error sorry we weren't able to complete your payment or set up preaproved at this time. and i can't go to my bank account to get a nother cart here in My contry...
  4. J

    Shopify Store - Domain May Be Blocked Help

    All of my FB accounts were all disabled so I am making the move to farmed accounts. I have an aged Shopify Pay processor on my current store that would allow me to scale quickly so I would like to keep it. However I believe they may have blocked the domain internally and I do not know if I just...
  5. C

    How effective are Facebook ads in generating actual sales?

    How effective are Facebook ads in generating actual sales?
  6. Jefferies T

    How Do I Consistently Publish Payday Loan ADS?

    I have a few Payday loan sites and have recently tried Facebook Ads Initially most my Ads get accepted then late will be disapproved, I have made sure the Ads themselves do not have words like "PAYDAY" BAD CREDIT" etc and have basically remodeled a competitor Ad that seems to run all the time...
  7. M

    How to avoid getting banned on fb ads

    hi all guys! i've started doing some affiliate marketing on fb (i'm doing mainly black campaign) but i keep getting banned and it's really frustrating. anyone have a solution? any application or something alike thanks in advance
  8. TigerWinG

    How to Scale Up Facebook ads

    I am new in Facebook ads and I running a campaign with 3 adset with same target one get .07 cpc and ctr 7 but other two not work good like that both cpc above .18 and ctr below 2 percent so my questions is how I scale up my winning adset not whole 3 adset daily budget is $10 mean $30 perday for...
  9. learnerforlife88

    Is there any way to bypass the $50 tier of Facebook Ads?

    Hello everybody! As I've mentioned above, I'm looking for a solution to help my new ad accounts pass the $50 tier of Facebook Ads. I've been struggling for a while with this problem, and none of my new ad accounts could reach the $50 level (most of them are required for payment verification or...
  10. P

    Travel agency

    hello guys. Im a travel agency from albania,i want to improve my social networks to get more client and followers. Somebody can help me?
  11. P

    Need Fb/Instagram ads services

    I would like to promote my shopify store using Facebook/Instagram ads. Can anyone offer me the best services? Pm me the details. Thanks.
  12. leftyson4

    Using Facebook Base Pixel on Presell Website AND Money Website??

    Is it best to put the base pixel on both my presell and money websites? They are both clean URL's (meaning they haven't been flagged on previous Fb accts) I have the conversion pixel on the thank-you page of the last website - and Fb is showing conversions - but I was wondering if perhaps I'm...
  13. B

    Need Help On Facebook New Ads Account

    Hi, Recently I am faching a problem that can't work on new account anymore. if try to do any ads give payment band. Is there any one who do ads on new facebook account and after paying 2-3 time eat the threshold. I have good campaign that profitable and can eat all years long. Was started 3...