1. S

    Linux LUKS encryption security

    Hello everybody. Today i have a tutorial and a curiosity at the same time. Suppose you install a new physical disk to a computer where you must store some sensitive data. You can do this with the following commands: Find out what is the name of new disk (usualy it is /dev/sdX where X is...
  2. K

    Can anyone help me with this code

    I can't read this code I don't know how to read this all code anyone can help me please
  3. hellfire777

    Shared proxies and captchas

    I invented a better way to encrypt, really more mathematician than computer scientist, and like many, cannot afford all the rotating proxies and capthcas to get around robot blockers. A fellow IT sys admin pointed out "most watched" lists for people who over-randomize. I can use an eccentric...
  4. Dolmaa

    Guidance needed - Encrypted photos

    Not sure if this is right section but I need some guidance!! I have 6 pictures that I need to be decrypted and restored. My brother used a software 10 years ago to encrypt the images but he does not remember the name of the software he used unfortunately or I would've done this myself. I also...
  5. Coastline17

    Password Managers - Your Expereience?

    Im contemplating the use of password managers. Ones like DashLane and other digital managers. This is in light of a recent event in which one of my credit cards was compromised as well as a login to a site I frequent, most likely due to a weak password. Has anyone had any experience with these...
  6. Couldee

    Online crypto business

    Yo! I'm going to run an online market with crypto payments and was looking for a place where I could do that without being found. As many online exchanges now ask for ID and other personal info and I don't wanna be tracked. So I've came to a new service called Utopia which provides chat, email...
  7. D

    [WTH] Web Dev - Little WhatsApp Bot

    Searching a Developer for a WhatsApp Bot. Pretty simple work and not any complex software. It's not something like WhatSender, Twilio, etc. - No usage of the WhatsApp API! It needs to be via the Web version. - The users will "activate" the bot by sending a specific keyword. (The bot is able to...
  8. ShiningWarrior

    Is this encryption strong for cloud?

    Hi, I need to upload some business notes as well as personal notes in the cloud so that I can access it anytime anywhere. I thought of this: Write the notes in PDFelement 6 Pro -> Password protect it using PDFelement's password feature -> Archive the PDF file using 7-zip and it's 256 AES...
  9. DulalKisku

    Get me a DRM encryption/ Copy protection software.

    I want user to download my videos from my site, but they won't be able share these. Encrypted video must be supported on common video player. Can you do this?
  10. Mark Eternally

    Why Do BHW Members Use Skype

    Why is it that so many BHW Members use Skype in their day to day communications? It is not considered a very secure platform, and in my mind, which may be quite off here, of all people, BHW Members would be more security conscious than say, my grandmother (who has a Skype account). Beyond Open...
  11. T

    Looking for a professional who is knowledgeable in PHP scripting for emails

    Hi All, I am looking for a professional who is knowledgeable and has experience in PHP scripts especially from an email stand point and understanding and usage of MySQL and integrate PHP and MySQL. Must have knowledge on headers, SMTP, Encryption standards etc. Please mention your contact...
  12. Gucci Pums

    reverse engineering a couple of delphi apps

    if you think you are a delphi genius then please contact me for cracking a couple of delphi apps
  13. A

    zepto attack

    Hello Experts I got an Email from an unknown source with an attachment and as I open the attachment, all data is encrypted & all files are replaced with alphanumeric name with .zepto extension. Attachment was in javascript with .js extension. I tried to research on the internet but no success...
  14. C

    Question about domain for email

    I am not very familiar with the subject so please excuse me if I make any mistake. Anyway I am looking to open a website ( i got the domain and I choosed the hosting). Now, I would like to get a different domain to be used as an email service. What I am trying to say is this. I want to send...
  15. InnovativeSEO

    Let’s Encrypt - New Certificate Authority: Sept 2015

    Came across this for those interested Website https://letsencrypt.org/
  16. N

    Internet on Mars Decrypted

    While working on a top secret project, during an important experiment with low frequency super-symetric waves, NordVPN developers discovered an eerie signal. After enforcing the reverse double encryption algorithm, the mysterious signal was decrypted as Martian internet. Cyber security experts...
  17. M

    Trucrypt alternative for windows 8

    I stupidly purchased a Windows 8 computer. Before I go through the effort of rolling it back to Windows7, does anyone recommend an encryption program compatible for Windows 8? My computer has to be encrypted with whole disk encryption so that law enforcement or anyone else cannot get in.:cool:
  18. N

    Need help decrypting a .pdf.

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to decrypt a encrypted PDF file? I do not have access to any of the passwords. Thanks in advance.
  19. viralmoney

    Does This Software Exist ????

    Hi Can anyone tell me if this software exists, I am looking for softwar where I can encrypt/hide files but in video format especialy flash ? I know you can do it with pictures but can you do it with flash video? If I was to encrypt a picture with a file and then ad it to the flash video...
  20. S

    Am I limited to SEO if I encrypt my HTML code other thang keyword tags?

    I had an issue with site rippers on the last subscription based landing page I built. Since then I decided to encrypt my code weeding out the newbs trying to rip my site. If I were to optimize my site with SEO would G bots, etc... be able to detect my content? I can choose which parts of...
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