1. Eholic

    I've hired an employee but I am nagged to make these registrations - legit or not?

    Hello there, Okay so I am the manager of a digital marketing agency and I have recently hired an employee. The days prior to signing the contract, the conversations were running smoothly. After the signing of the contract though, my employee started being quite pushy about a certain...
  2. KJREDDY247@

    How do you monitor and control employee systems and browsing history

    We have 15+ employees in total. Which would be the best option to monitor their complete activity on machines. Including their browsing history. Half of them are inhouse and half of them work from home. Is there any free option for this? I was checking online but the options are bit costly per...
  3. letuvis

    Help me out to find new Employees!

    Hey guys! Im in a lookout for new employees in Norway. Vape shop. We tried everything - fb groups, relevant forums, we even bought the most expensive ad place in the MAIN job ads page of Norway - 2 candidates came, when others get at least 500+ daily, referral program for current employees or...
  4. W

    Hello Everyone (New here and willing to work)

    Hey guys I am a new member here, however I have been reading threads on this site for years. I have worked for a digital marketing agency in the past doing client acquisition and am now starting my own agency. I thought it would be a great time to start being an active member here:) I would...
  5. J

    Looking to hire a VA (marketing and sales)

    Hi, I am looking for a VA for marketing and sales for my digital agency. The tools to automate emailing will be provided. You must know how to use sendgrid or similar softwares along with scopeleads. One must know using and maintaining excel sheets(google sheets) One must know good english...
  6. J

    Hello! I'm New Here. Hoping to Learn & Improve my Skills Here

    I'm looking for a company or person that can truly help me both in learning and earnings. I can say that I'm a flexible employee that can perform different task.
  7. K

    Any former/current walmart employees

    Have some specific questions / ideas to ask, if you are a current/former walmart employee reply here / PM me. Have few ideas that have a very high money making potential, of course all legit.
  8. D

    Employee monitoring software

    Employee monitoring software Hi I am looking for an easy way to view employee activity on my office. I tried many of the stuff out there but couldnt find something I can view all screens at once. I also need to monitor some PC's outside the office Anyone can help?