Looking to hire a VA (marketing and sales)

Have you ever been into sales and marketing for a digital agency, selling website design and SEO

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Jitesh Shah

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Sep 6, 2017
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I am looking for a VA for marketing and sales for my digital agency.

The tools to automate emailing will be provided. You must know how to use sendgrid or similar softwares along with scopeleads.
One must know using and maintaining excel sheets(google sheets)
One must know good english, writing emails, replying over emails, following up over phone calls to the leads.

I am not looking for someone emailing thousands of leads per day. Emailing 100 to 150 per day, trying to do more split testing in the manner you write emails, the type of personalizations you do, the niches we split test, the offering(VALUE offer we do offer) etc.

This will be a Sales & Marketing profile.
However I will be paying you monthly fixed remuneration for monthly tasks (fixed hours per week, per day); but there we need to be more goal oriented. We shall have targets which we need to achieve them, in order that your hiring is intact for months after months.

Let me know if someone is interested by way of email to jiteshshah1959 at gmail .com

Disclaimer: I don't know whether sharing my e-mail address over in this post is allowed and doesn't break the BHW rules. If is not allowed, the admin's can delete my e-mail from above.

Best Regards,
Yakin Jitesh Shah
Hi Sir,
I want to apply for this job. Is this still available ?
Our big team of 50 workers are always ready to any assistance for my clients.
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