ecommerce advice

  1. GringoMonkey

    [METHOD] Grow Your (Shopify) Store to $100k in 90 days, by Combining Google Ads & SEO

    Over the years I have invested in a lot of ecommerce stores. Here’s a step-by-step process to find a great niche, do keyword research, source the products, build out the website according to keyword research, optimize the Google feed and launch the project. 1. Open up the Ahrefs keyword...
  2. korosho

    Seeking Advice for Running a Full SEO Shopify Store with Zero-Difficulty Product Keywords

    Hello everyone, I'm in the process of setting up a Shopify store that focuses on a very specific niche, and I'm looking for some strategic advice on how to effectively run a full SEO campaign. My goal is to leverage product keywords that have zero difficulty to gain a competitive edge in the...
  3. cninterpreter

    What kind of freelancing work do you guys do?

    Just curious what kind of freelancing work do you guys do? Any suggestion for those who has little knowleage about online marketing and programming.
  4. S

    ***[Question: for the Ecom Veterans]... ***

    Building funnels, launching Shopify stores, and testing products with ads.. I've been putting in the work, but hitting minimal sales and burning on Facebook & tiktok ads spend and lately haven't had any sales. I don't know if you've experienced the nagging feeling of tunnel vision that you're...
  5. W

    Wondering if it's possible make Opt-in Email Marketing manually in order to add contacts in a different way

    I'm wondering if in some way it's possible make Opt-in Email Marketing from a landing page, manually or using automated bots to submitting a list of emails to a optin form of a landing page, in order to add contacts to my email list in a different semi-spam way. As we all know it's dificult...
  6. W

    Which payments getaway should I use to receive cc payments in my ecommerce store (Besides Stripe and Paypal)

    Which payments getaway should I use to receive CC payments in my ecommerce store (Besides Stripe and Paypal) I ear people talked about Apple pay Google Pay Samsung Pay But it doesn't look popular yet......... Are those platforms good for ecommerce?.
  7. F

    Boost My E-commerce Success: Help Me Solve the Marketing Mystery!

    Hey there, fellow e-commerce adventurers! I'm in the midst of a thrilling ride with my e-commerce website, and I'm in desperate need of your collective wisdom and insights to steer this ship in the right direction. Here's the scoop: Back in 2018, I took the plunge into the e-commerce world...
  8. chetandkick

    Shopfly Websites

    Is anyone know how to getting genuine organic traffic.
  9. 0

    Is Ecom/Dropshipping still a good way to make money?

    I started dropshipping like 4 years ago and made somehow around 300k profit for me in the first 2 years. After that i never had more then 2 sales a month. So i stopped and started something else. You think Ecommerce is still a good way to make money? With all the tiktok ads and facebook ads? I...
  10. hellsinki

    Need Help: Some website are Categorizing my website under adult Section

    Hello folks, I have an ecom website of lingerie, corsets, and other items. Business was good a few years back, then suddenly Google started deindexing my web pages, and to date, I haven't recovered from that. Currently, there are 7000+ pages indexed on Google, but in reality, I have more...
  11. vaibhavdhami

    Ranking Help only SEO Pro

    Hi, BHW I am trying to rank a keyword for a website. Some detail about the project. 1: Niche Vaping 2: Products-based SEO e-commerce 3: The website is facing some variants issues like if a product has different variants in colour. The client published them as different products with only...
  12. DevMask

    [Newbie Guide] Understanding and influencing purchase decisions

    Sharing some newbie tips that can help to understand and influence purchase decisions. If you're new to e-commerce, these tips might come in handy and help you get started on the right foot. Social Proof - Consumers are influenced by the actions and opinions of others. - Examples...
  13. N

    big problem with stripe

    hello guys i have a sad story with stripe i hope i will find some help here . last year i started using stripe i make in my account 40k everything is good buy i was noob so i get a lot of cases thats why they close my stripe account , then when i move to new stripe they just close it again cuz...
  14. customgear

    This helps?

    Hey, is my ecommerce store and I recently created a blog to link the two. I do not know the internet that well but that will help correct? Also fuc*ed up coding, top line of background is f*cked up. Does anyone know how or what to look at to fix it, it is in the coding. Thank you...
  15. A

    Looking forward to Marketplace like step set go, growfitter like in india

    Can anyone please help me to find out the best marketplace app in India where we can sell our products like step set go and growfitter it would be really great i have my own inventory which I want to take live for sale on different marketplace app in india.
  16. amine0404

    Dropshipping Hot tools , best apps, and some advices ;)

    Hello BHW friends i need some help pls. :) when i can find suppliers in uk ? Some advice for tools, apps , anything that will help me in dropshipping thank u ❤️ PS : I have a 2 GMC store one for digital products and one for physical , i have ppl business, shopify payment, stripe business...
  17. Affiliate3750

    Printful shipping rates

    Hello guys , Recently I was playing around with Shopify and printful ( print on demand ) man’s I noticed something really confusing, The shipping rates for certain countries is very high, is that standard or anybody know something that I don’t know maybe ?
  18. RichMoney

    Dropshipping from Etsy to my ecommerce shop?

    Question is self explanatory. Has anyone tried this? How do you make it work? I see Etsy does allow you to add multiple addresses but has anyone who tried this had any issues with this. Account getting restricted because of this?
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