ebay partner network

  1. H

    Our journey so far

    I want to share our journey so far to get some feedback, advice and motivation for the future. Ok let’s start from the beginning. My partner and I started an affiliate site 8 years ago way before I found this forum. I’d always been interested in IM since I was a kid and like a lot of people I...
  2. lmarton

    Ebay Partner Network + Payoneer??

    Does EPN works with payoneer global payment service? Anyone tried this? I added my payoneer EUR account details to epn direct deposit but I don't know if it works...I registered to epn with a germany vpn because my country is not allowed. My previous account was banned before payment. Now I...
  3. lmarton

    Ebay partner network banned

    My Ebay partner network account was banned. I earned $50 in short period of time. They asked my traffic source in email, I didn't answer and they banned me. Now I created another epn account. I don't have a website and there is no referer at all. Unfourtonetly my method works only if I redirect...
  4. Sebastian Rooks

    [JV] Your eBay Partner Network API access / My site to sell Data

    Hello blackhat world! Who I am... I'm a freelance programmer that does some eBay dropshipping, and I'm looking to expand into other ecommerce projects. Who I'm looking for... I'm looking to jv with someone that's a member of the eBay Partner Network. I need the data available from the "feed"...
  5. gh0stxvx

    [Method] Using Facebook for eBay Partner Network

    Not sure if this has been covered before but figured it could help some people make some money. Method 1: @BassTrackerBoats created a great thread on posting in multiple groups and @Inception_AC wrote an awesome journey on making 200+ profiles to post to groups with CPA offers. This is just a...
  6. B

    does this banner violate ebay partner network policies

    So, I 'm planning on placing a similar banner to the one I uploaded to my website with an ebay affiliate link to it. Now I know that ebay has an ever ending list of terms and conditions so does this violate ebay copyright/trademark ? I created the banner myself using banner fotor. (not...
  7. D

    i wanted to build ebay affiliated site

    hello i wanted to build ebay affiliated site with help of build a niche store. any one useing there service before. but my problem is i doint have any ebay partner network account. so if i buy buildanichestore system its not help me. any one can help with that. suggest me how i make eBay...
  8. goingreen

    Amazon Associates or Ebay Partner Network ?

    Im promoting physical products at this time and looking for the better program. All things being equal and promoting the same product, which is the better program in terms of payout ?
  9. G

    Current Earnings On Ebay

    My fellow blacks and whites, I am still a greenhat and just joined BHW and the Ebay Partner Network after seeing money reading your motivational posts and would like to know if there are any current hatters here that can tell what the Ebay reward typs are? Is it a percentage commision on...
  10. eshaman

    eBay Partner Network

    I'm signing up with the eBay Partner Network and noticed that you can choose between PayPal or Direct Deposit, since eBay run PayPal and getting banned might affect my PayPal account, would it be better to go with Direct Deposit? Obviously I am not wanting to be banned but just listening to...
  11. C

    2009 Changes to eBay Partner Network Asia Affiliate Programs

    Here is the latest news from eBay Partner Network:
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