does this banner violate ebay partner network policies


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Jul 11, 2015
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So, I 'm planning on placing a similar banner to the one I uploaded to my website with an ebay affiliate link to it. Now I know that ebay has an ever ending list of terms and conditions so does this violate ebay copyright/trademark ?

I created the banner myself using banner fotor. (not generated from epn)

thank you


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It def. does violate something, since you are using the image without proper licensing. That being said - why does it have to be the logo? Ebay is short enough as a word and recognizable enough that people will see right away.

That also takes away the problem of clashing of the colors. Look around in your ebay partner programm, you should be able to find approved images to use with the selling, but I would just skip that, make your own button with just the text "Ebay".
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