[Method] Using Facebook for eBay Partner Network


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Jul 2, 2016
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Not sure if this has been covered before but figured it could help some people make some money.

Method 1:

@BassTrackerBoats created a great thread on posting in multiple groups and @Inception_AC wrote an awesome journey on making 200+ profiles to post to groups with CPA offers. This is just a way you could use their ideas with eBay Partner Network. I don't want to flog a dead horse so go read their posts but to sum it up: Sign up for 10 profiles a day. Reset your IP daily by unplugging your router or using the dongle method. Sign up for 10 groups per profile. Use Massplanner to manage the profiles and posting. Find relevant products to the group's niche and write some relevant lead copy to go with it. Use Bit.ly to shorten the long URL that you get from the link generator as this is now allowed with EPN.

I'll give an example of this away. In a lot of car groups I see people doing this. They go viral with shares, people do all the hard work for you if you share the right product. Cars are actually quite tough as they often sell off eBay for cash and the listing gets removed but you just need someone to buy something from eBay within 24 hours if I remember correctly.

Which leads me to my next point. You should probably find stuff either buy it now or something ending within 24 hours to maximise profits.

Method 2:

Create a popular page relevant to the Niche, sharing memes and links to relevant products. Again, people will do a lot of work for you if you do it right. You've then got your own audience that will grow exponentially, sharing and clicking to help grow your bank account.

An example of this is 'Unfinished Projects UK' - a car page for people looking to buy project cars to finish. With over 78k likes, I imagine they make a fair bit from this method. They recently switched to using hootsuite for their scheduling.

I should note I haven't fully tested this method but have looked at the ins and outs for it to work and can't see why it wouldn't. I can't link to the relevant threads as my account is too new but I wanted to hopefully give back to the forum that I've been relentlessly reading every night and has helped me a lot.

Let me know how you get on, post your earnings and some ways to improve this idea.
One of the very first things I did in internet marketing (2008) was using EPN to promote car auctions. I made a site with epn rss feeds for all states and major cities. For each car sale, I made between $40-100 depending on the listing fees. I feel like your idea could definitely work especially around the holiday shopping season.
Good to hear it's feasible. You can only guess from watching and reading and I haven't fully tested this as the last two cars I had scheduled got removed before the sale day. I spotted it as I put really low bids on them.

You can use the EPN earnings tool to figure out what could work. I would also keep an eye on the hot selling products on eBay, if these sell multiples per day anyway and are big ticket items you could earn large I imagine.
Sounds like an interesting idea, will bookmark this and hopefully test it out soon :)
I have done this for 3 months and I can't say it didn't work, it actually did, the thing is that I got 2 fb accounts closed ever since. I am looking to do the same in some other social network but I can't make it work just as well. Please share your experience if you have any success anywhere different from fb. BTW, thanks for sharing.
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