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Jan 4, 2009
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I'm signing up with the eBay Partner Network and noticed that you can choose between PayPal or Direct Deposit, since eBay run PayPal and getting banned might affect my PayPal account, would it be better to go with Direct Deposit? Obviously I am not wanting to be banned but just listening to HenryHavoc's podcast (cheers HH) and he mentioned being careful with eBay so I figured I would ask. I guess basically I'm wondering which is the better option?

edit: apologies for the nondescript thread title, I slipped :eek:
Use DD, never paypal...only use paypal for legit buying other then that there useless
If Paypal + EPN are legit then use paypal or direct deposit but direct deposit is the easiest route out anyway, stops it from going through paypal :)
I think it is more better to run for direct deposit if your just running single account.
For Multi user go for paypal, unless you have real IDs of people to cash it out.
Thanks for the quick response guys, Direct Deposit it is!

Go with the Direct Deposit for sure, then there is less chance for error or something to happen (like an account getting banned)
Lets say that you bought an EPN account and its registered under a different name than your bank account. Do they check for that?

I am looking to partner up with someone that is in need of a EPN. I have had it for over five years and stopped doing anything with it for about two, it is still very active. email if you are interested. Thanks
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