domain age weighting

  1. S

    can you check these domains if they were good to go

    i recently purchased 2 domains for me these are old domains previosly used for different owner. I didn't have a good tool to check them so can any one help me check these Domains. Thanks in advance.
  2. U

    How can I find and buy expired government org domains?

    I have been lately trying to look for a advanced SEO strategy, I've come across one but it requires old expired domains with high authority and good amount of backlinks. and I am not able to find good ones, However, I have come across to a domain as well but it's not government but has high...
  3. Celestial711

    Domain reputation

    I have 1 website which has been running for almost 2 years but sadly the theme has 0 SEO efforts and I am now building a new site. I wonder if it would be better to move the new site to this original domain purely because it has a history/reputation in google and to avoid a new domain having to...
  4. Rules

    Domain Flipping ? How to Find Profitable Domains !

    Is there any way by which we can find profitable domains online ? There are already too many expired and deleted domain available. So, we can use them to do domain flipping ? and I tried searching but, couldn't find any guide on how to find profitable domains for flipping. SO, if you guys can...
  5. Rules

    Is Age of Domain is considered as a Main factor in flipping

    Hello, I've a domain which is 12 years old. I want to flip this domain. It's PA is 25 and DA is 14. Question : 1. Can i flip this domain ? 2. Is age of a domain is really a factor in Flipping domains ?
  6. 7yearitch

    how much does domain age affect rankings?

    hi, bhw i've been trying to rank a brand new domain locally, but so far no luck. here's some data: - i'm trying to rank for 3 kws, according to traffic travis the comps are easy, easy, and relatively easy - the average pr is 1 and the average backlinks page(BLP) is 30 but the average...
  7. codeman1234

    I am confuse with domain age, please help!

    Hello, I just bought an expired domain on and on the domain information in the ABY column that is the Birth or Age Domain, it says that the domain its from 1999 but, when I go to I get this information on domain: Domain Name:
  8. groundfalling

    [ASK] Does domain age help in SERP

    Does the domain age counts for google anymore? would it be worth using an 9 year old domain containing nich keyword but with no ranking or backlinks? would it be it of any help in SERP? will appreciate your opinion
  9. S

    Specific Domain Name Help Needed

    Looking for someone with expert knowledge who can help me secure a domain name. Must be at least 15 years old Must be a domain Must be a persons name These factors are important. Don?t ask why but a client wants it that way :10: Example of what would work is something...
  10. M

    Domain Age

    I'm looking into getting my domain name soon and then keeping it until I have my website and all the correct workings in place for my business, but I was just wondering how old is an aged domain? 3-5 Years?
  11. tony20

    aged domain name

    hey guys simple question here. I recently bought a domain that has been registered for 4 years (but no website on it!) As soon as i bought it i put a simple wordpress holding page on it and while use this site in about a years time. So my question, are those 4 year counted towards...
  12. I

    Domain age weighting

    I've had a quick search for this but no real luck, I'm hoping someone has the answers. Basically, I'm interested in how important domain age is to Google. I know G likes old sites, but how does that balance against good copy, good use of tags and high quality backlinks? I've got a domain...
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