dmca ignore

  1. hostcay

    HOSTCAY.COM - OFFSHORE DMCA IGNORED & ADULT HOSTING: Shared Web Hosting, Linux, Windows & Storage VPS Servers, Streaming & Dedicated Ser...

    Our Services: ------------------------------------------------------ Offshore Web Hosting - Offshore DMCA Ignored Web Hosting - Offshore Adult Web Hosting - Bitcoin Web Hosting -...
  2. E

    any way to show my website is fair use befor removing from google results?

    hi, i have a download software website , its hosted inside the country and there is no copyright rules for it so downloading only limited by the country ip , and google bots can access to the post articals but after some days one the competetors are reporting as dmca so is there any way to stop...
  3. KusionMatch

    Ebooks site hosting

    Which hosting plan is recommended for a book piracy website? Is alexhost's $30 annual plan sufficient?
  4. H

    New member here

    Hi there, Im rex Glad to meet all of you. I join black hat community to start my porn site. There are more stuff to learn from you guys. Thanks
  5. S

    Owner of porn site that thousands of criminal sites steal from

    I'm looking for ways to get rid of criminal sites that ignore legal dmca notices. I'm willing to hire someone to do this work. I have a company that does my dmca notices along with me doing them but it's the very criminal sites that ignore these endless dmca notices that need to be removed from...
  6. Ratnaji k

    Need Advice for a VPS

    Hi BHW Members I am a bit confused to decide DMCA ignore VPS for my Movies Website. between 2 hostings. Please leave your thoughts and experiences on these hosting companies. 1. Why These 2 hostings? Because of their price.
  7. Snqke

    How To Protect My URLs From Getting Removed From Search Engines Due DMCA Copyrights?

    Hello guys, I need you're help or experience to "How To Protect My URLs From Getting Removed From Search Engines Due DMCA Copyrights?" as the title show any body have any idea or tools may help or make the url get deleted after a long time.. Thanks ♥
  8. L

    Looking for a CDN to host images that ignores DMCA

    I can't seem to find recommended CDNs that ignore DMCA or are offshore? And also accepts crypto What do you guys use or recommend? Thanks!
  9. D

    Off shore hosting/staying under the radar question

    Hi everyone. I have been doing Instagram growth for clients using automation for a few years now, it's gone pretty good. I want to expand quite aggressively though and I want to not necessarily attempt to make myself fully untraceable but I just want to make sure i'm not low hanging fruit...
  10. Starblazer

    Is there any DMCA ignored blogging platform?

    We can get offshore hosting for websites but is there any blogging platform that ignores DMCA? Most of the popular platforms straight away ban your account even if they suspect copyright infringement. The google search rankings or ads are not a requirement. I just need a platform where I can...
  11. S

    True Premium DMCA Ignored Hosting Recommendations?

    I have an adult/porn website and from time to time we get complain(s) sent through cloudflare mainly due to dmca. I am with a premium host right now equipped with exceptional hardwares and support but they do not ignore DMCA reports. Though we only get like 1 to 2 reports every 1-2 months...
  12. John4467

    DMCA Questions

    I just had a few questions regarding the legality my adult (porn) website. All of the content on the site was taken from Reddit and a few other places. I understand this isn't exactly DMCA compliant, but I had a few questions. 1) Nothing is illegal until I refuse to take down something that a...
  13. John4467

    Payments for a DMCA non-compliant website?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering how I am supposed to take payments for a non-DMCA compliant website offshore. Surely I can't just use Zombaio to process the payments, and I would prefer to not just have cryptocurrencies be my only option. Is there anyway people can pay with credit or debit and...
  14. M

    Delisted Page: 301 Redirect Old to New?

    One of my pages was #1 for lots of keywords. The centerpiece of that page was a practice exam that gets lots of searches. I had taken the questions from a more authoritative website for use on my website. At the time I did not know that my page was going to become so popular, my success was...
  15. Okakura

    [REQUEST/NEEDED] DMCA Ignored Hosting for Streaming Website

    I need a hosting solution for a streaming website (~200-600 European Users watching simultaneously). I want to host the videos myself on the server. It should have: - Server location near Europe - At least 1 Gbps guaranteed Bandwidth - 1 TB HDD for the video files - DMCA ignored (Offshore...
  16. P

    Looking for DMCA Ignored Adult hosting any suggestion

    I am looking for DMCA Ignored Adult Image (Copyrighted Images) hosting any suggestion my budget is $30 mo
  17. Makemeproguys

    DMCA/Takedown Policy,Which option is better?

    I have seen a lot of websites outside of USA having the DMCA policy which I don't know why and it's confusing to me whether should one based outside of USA also put the DMCA policy or write/rename it as a takedown Policy or maybe copyright policy since that person is not based in USA nor has...
  18. R_Fatale

    How much Bandwidth/Disk space do I need?

    Hello all, I have been asking various host providers questions and some are useful while others are not. If I wanted to create a site, with 4 pages and on one of those pages, I will be hosting 8 videos, all together it is 2gb of video material. One of the staff of a hosting provider told me...
  19. Haksxsx`

    DMCA ignored Offshore Hosting??

    Can someone provide me with a cheap file hosting provider which totally ignores DMCA and has high uptime . Also their plan includes Unlimited Space and Unlimited resources. Also some offers would be nice.
  20. C

    Need Offshore Dedicated Server Host

    Hi. We currently have dedicated server in Netherlands. We want to deploy some new servers with good links to, or preferably in, the following countries: United States China India Australia Singapore Japan Europe (Not Netherlands) We run site which does not break DMCA or any major...
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