disabled account

  1. amirnajafi98

    Insta reactive

    My name is Amir I own a 400k page on Instagram (IG: _thteen ) It was closed due to a trademark report from a bully (I'll send you a screenshot of him blackmailing me ). His IG is kiarash ( you can see his account story highlight). He claims IDs and bans pages for money. My page was created in...
  2. Get Hight

    Sell all kinds of Facebook accounts

    I. Account with dating featureand communicate - USA Dating: 18 $/ account - EU Dating:: 15 $/ Account - Asia: Dating:: 10 $/account - USA old: 12$ - EU old: 10$ - Asia: 6$ II, Facebook account for advertising facebook account: - Identity verification account ✅: 15$ - Live ads account ( USA...
  3. smzk90

    How can I get my Instagram account back?

    Can anyone help me get my account back? A few days ago I tried to sign in the website from my pc and it asked for my phone number. After 24 hours when I tried to sign in I got a message saying my account was disabled. Seriously, I haven't done anything against Instagram TOS. Is it true that in...
  4. W

    Activating permanently disabled account?

    Is it possible to get a perma disabled account back? A representative from facebook told me to wait 30 days, and now i have a message saying that im perma banned because 30 days have passed since i was disabled. I really need this account back, its my business. If anyone knows something, let me...
  5. W

    Need help with disabled account

    I got disabled over 2 months ago. Ive been disabled before and was always able to get my account back, however instagram changed few things and im now unable to get my account. Does anyone know any legit way?
  6. P

    Best place to buy a virtual sim for new FB accounts verification? Getting disabled accounts a LOT.

    Any new facebook account I make is getting automatically "disabled" for "suspiscious activity". I then receive an email saying I need to provide a phone number to confirm that I'm real. My older facebook accounts have had half of them disabled upon trying to login, even accounts that are 8...
  7. Samarjit5

    [Need Help] Fiverr Account Disabled!

    Just got fiverr account disabled for violating policy. So can i use a new email, new payment method but same laptop to create a new account? :anyway: Anyone did something similar before? Suggestions?
  8. T

    Multi profile apps x disabled Facebook accounts

    hey folks, I am in this situation like most others where we are trying to circumvent disabled Facebook accounts with MLA, Kameleo, etc. I'm freshly new to Multi-profiles so I'm still trying to wrap my head around the process. In my case, I am planning on using a family member's Facebook profile...
  9. Rachmaninoff

    Disabled Instagram Accounts. What kind of sick person is this?

    A friend sent me these. He said that he didn't get some emails from IG that his accounts are disabled so he can't appeal. It's sickening that someone doing this for fun and how crazy it is that Instagram took this fake copyrights infringement claimed and disabled accounts so easily...
  10. T

    Disabled by facebook before I start

    I have tried to create a facebook account. First time I tried from public computer (bad idea, I know). Got disabled before I started. Then I tried on a laptop from my house using router, was disabled after a few minute, before posting anything. Tried again with different browser and a dongle...
  11. S

    Facebook Ads Restricted HELP!

    Hey Guys, When the Covid-19 just started i ran a few ads to sell masks. I had some in stock because i also have a construction company. They took the ad down, at first i didnt know why, i asked the ad account to be reinstated and they sent me a message saying the ad was taken down wrongfully...
  12. Deejay Misu

    How to recover my disabled facebook account?????

    Few days facebook disabled my facebook account due to copyright infringement. I gave a report about it but they didint give back my id. The account is 10 years old. I need to get back my account. Help me what I shoud do.
  13. A

    why this happened!

    hello guys. I knew that bots had problems recently and I read a lot about limitations and action blocks. I needed some accounts for my job and I needed it to grew fast, so I said I will try some bot and even if I get an action block I will wait a couple of days and start again. so I connected my...
  14. D

    can i recover my disabled instagram account with facebook ads live support?

    my instagram account with 164k followers was disabled over a month ago for violating TOS. I heard that you can contact facebook with ads live support chat and they can unban your account (if you get lucky) but you need to spend $100 on ads to access it. Do you guys know if that's true?
  15. D

    How can i recover my banned account?

    my instagram account with 164k followers was disabled over 3 weeks ago for not following instagrams terms. I've appealed about 15 times with different appeal links and i keep getting the same response ''it looks like your account has been disabled. We disable accounts that don't follow our terms...
  16. samron77

    Instagram Disabled Account Recovery

    Hello BHW, Does anyone know how to get back your Instagram account back? I have Ig page with 316k followeres and 56k followers respectively but I also had 103k and 186k follower account which IG disabled. All the account are in couple/adult niche. I already tried all the rubbish things people...
  17. 9

    Instagram account recovery?

    My 250K model page was deleted for sexual community guidelines..I NEVER posted nudity....it was 3 years old...I never botted, only SFS...I do not have access to the email address I signed up with but it was verified with a accessible email address and phone number. Ive appealed a lot trying to...
  18. K

    Getting a disabled account back

    My clients account has been disabled. I've tried appealing through the app and browser and no reset email has come. The account is not obscene or abusive. It's a business. This has happened before and the client got his account back then. Any ideas on what I could do?
  19. T

    Please Help...IG Says my “Account looks disabled”

    Can someone help? I can’t login to my IG App. When contacting IG they say my account looks like it’s disabled. I can still login & post using the browser. Have u seen this before? Any suggestions how to fix this?
  20. bossofthebosses

    Check Your Site For Adult Keywords – Don’t Get Adsense Banned

    So recently one my adsense account was disabled because there were some pages with adult contents. I did not make them intentionally though and my sites were not adult sites. However, now I have done some researches and made a list of the adult keywords that I will use to scan my other sites...
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