1. vstevenphan

    ✅ ✅ My journey to reach $10000 per month with adult tube ✅ ✅

    Hello everyone, who has a passion to earn money here :) I know there are controversial topics about starting an adult site to earn money as many people said this field is saturated enough. However, I have a lot of free time during Covid 19 pandemic. Why don't give it a try to get rid of a...
  2. F

    Let's Start My Dropshipping Diary

    Hey Everyone, currently, I run a Social Network with about 1000 Members and 600 Visitors Daily. It's niche Adult Network which is now about 6 Months old. So it has already some authority from Search engines and the site is loved my users too. Due I did some research about members, I decided...
  3. mewah

    Pinterest mastery from scratch

    The end goal: To master pinterest traffic and be profitable from it. So I started with investing on $ocialmultiplier 2 without zero pinterest experience, I find it to be costly(and sadly I find support is not that timely) and apparently BHW haves similar pinterest tools which are much...
  4. Santino Lucien

    Newbie BHW Learnings - A Diary to Follow

    Hi friends, this is some kind of diary about my learnings here at BHW. I'm writing this partly for myself to keep on learning an to recap what i read here. I'm from Germany so excuse my language :). TWO NOTES 1. I would love to connect with some german speaking guys as well. Kind of hard to...
  5. E

    My Story so far!

  6. E

    [Journey] 18 Year Old – Semi Passive Income Journal

    Hello, Like so many other people, I've making a journal of my IM goals, journey, and hopefully successes. I'm making this journal so I can help other people with IM as well as learn myself. I am 18 years old and have been in the IM business for a couple years. I've tried a wide variety of IM...
  7. D

    Zero to Hero - Will I succeed or fail in misery?

    Hi guys, I've been in Internet Marketing (IM) for approximately 3months. This is my previous project: http://worldcup2010videos.com I made exactly $0 from lack of traffic :( If you ask me to name one person I know who's the laziest bum in the world who doesn't give a fuck about anything, who...
  8. V

    Another BH beginner diary :)

    Hi guys, First I would like to apologize for my english, i am not a native speaker so it could sometimes be boring/hard to read. As a quick introduction, I'd say I'm a french young dude studying international business and communication in UK, so my english should improve as the same time as...
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