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Nov 1, 2009
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Hi guys,

First I would like to apologize for my english, i am not a native speaker so it could sometimes be boring/hard to read.
As a quick introduction, I'd say I'm a french young dude studying international business and communication in UK, so my english should improve as the same time as this diary (hopefully ;o).

I'm reading BHW's content for a few weeks now and I must say this place is absolutely astonishing as I do not see many websites of this quality those days.
I am still wondering how you guys can prevent this forum from being harassed by thousands of hungry BHwannabees like me.

Anyway I did not plan to come here to get killers' methods by snapping my fingers around. Even if I often only comprehend a blurred slice of your methods, all those smart people working with their creativity / webmastering skills keep entertaining me.

I easily spend many hours a day on this forum, I feel just so fine learning that I even got rid of my bad habits (alcohol & junk food), BHW made me Healthy before Wealthy.
A funny fact is I just discovered what using black hat methods means, I used to be in mmo games exploits and hacks for no income, which must sound very immature for many of you, but at least it taught me how the common human brain works.

I wish I could find someone to tell me : " Do This, that will work for you ;D ", but this is just a stupid attitude and reading posts here is already 80% of the fun provided by dealing with BH tactics. That's what I like here, the difficulty is often hardcore but so many gozu BHW's share ideas or success stories and the hope light keeps showing up. I wish I can post good tutorials someday.
So why did I started writing this diary ?
I must be honest and tell you that I did not only make it to encourage myself. The other reason, as you guess, is to get feedback / further advices like any beginner who would start acting on the BH scene.
But my philosophy is rather than harassing people on their own topics with very weak questions, I may get some of them interested in my own story and maybe get a contribution or two.

As I am very determinated, I think I'll be able to be profitable in the future. The BH world might be an open door to potential income, or might not. The next weeks/months/years will tell me.
And more concretely now
I already took action in the business with the Pay per Sign up and Pay per Click system. I chose this because there are very few methods that seem reachable for me but as I told you before, I read a lot of stuff and I'll soon come up with new ideas.

Before I explain what I did so far, you must know my weaknesses or limits.
* My practical knowledge of internet & marketing techniques is good, at least I know where money comes from and where it goes. The BH world is completely new for me so I'm still decrypting all the words you guys are using, also I'm bad at webmastering.
* I plan to invest in my business in the future, but for the first days/weeks I just want to grow in terms of knowledge and try methods at a tiny scale.
So I have absolutely 0 $ to invest now, I want to make a small amount of money first. I have time and patience so I don't say my $ goal in this first post.

* I can only get paid by Cheque since I don't want to use my CC for the first days/weeks, if I figure out it is absolutely needed for any method, I'll open a new bank account with new IDs.
(I am very cautious with online bank stuff, that's the main noob weakness I guess)
* I'm using a wireless connected laptop but the DL/UL figures are just fine to start working on tactics.
Most of you will maybe state I have almost no chance to start earning 2 digits figures a day but I don't care. All I want to see is something moving in order to expand later.
So here is basically what I've done so far
I focused on Pay per click and Pay per Sign up methods. Many testimonials sounded promising and there were no boundaries to give it a try.

70% of the traffic i've generated so far goes to AFF per pay Click link.
30 % to IwantU Pay per Sign Up link.

The one who inspired me is Lazy Pig with his post on the Ebook trick :

I was not much creative on this one and did not really add value on his contribution but here is the way I have twisted it :

I made my own Ebook about Penis Enlargement (I know this niche is already saturated but wanted to try this one). I picked some elements from commercial sites and mixed them, so it's the story of me, a guy who lost his girlfriend because of his penis size. I then invite the readers to click on my Blogger url to teach him for free how I managed to increase its size.
The blog contains a single meta refresh which send them on my affiliate's page.
I made a blog because I heard some partners like AFF may ban you if they can't know where the traffic comes from.
But now I'm wondering if I should do so because google will probably ban me with that refresher to adult content page.

Also I've watermarked some porns with the blog's url. Utorrent is my main tool in this trick. I just seed my wm'ed porns with my ebook in the directory.
It went pretty well with this .torrent client, I have 10-15 porns constantly downloaded on 20. I usually name my directories with a combination of most watched (on youporn etc. sites) and downloaded videos.

I'm sure I could seed more at no cost by using particular and friends' computers but I feel I have all my eggs in the same basket and I'm afraid google will ban me soon. So I don't plan to upload more .torrents until I find a free solution for this, or I'll move on something else.
So what about the results ?
I've only made $1.32 in 1 week with aff, sorry for those who read the whole post and may be frustrated by this fake success story. IwantU produced me nothing. Also I'm quite happy because I know a bit about making files popular on the bittorrent's network.
In my opinion my current drawbacks are :
* Bad Ebook, that would not convert.
* Not enough files uploadind on Utorrent (with this damn questionable blogger which makes me feel kinda barricaded)

Those last days I've read a lot about E-Whoring, that interests me because it's all about social engineering and seems doable with no costs. I may give it a try after I wrote some essays for university, which obviously takes less time than searching this forum.

Also I will report all I do on this topic, as I am willing to share I hope some beginners like me will soon find this interesting.

Any comment is welcome of course.

Thank you very much for reading.

Best regards.
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Welcome to my view,one of the best place to learn IM and you will come to know many peoples from all around world..simply i can say you can build E-FAMILY here...
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