1. S

    Do Anyone Know How to Upload Like This?

    I was searching in google about recent movies and find this site ranking high in google: If you search in google like this: site:https://www.usatf.org/ with search term "Full movie" then you will see lots of links present in google. Some of them are...
  2. Daryna_xxo

    Earn money uploading tiktoks (USA/UK)

    Hey, I am looking for someone from USA,UK, Australia who wants to earn money on a daily base uploading tiktoks -I’ll send you tiktoks to upload daily, instant payout -must be from a tier 1 country preferably USA or uk Message me your country and what phone you are using on tg @daryna22333
  3. S

    How to Upload Like This?

    I was searching some parasite sites, and stumble on these sites which took my attention, https://www.cockburn.wa.gov.au/CityOfCockburn/media/Audio-Files/jAmM.html https://www.wwhsredev.health.nsw.gov.au/WWW_Goulburn/media/pre-2020/Azhr.html I tried searching every method to find the upload...
  4. S

    Modify JavaScript code that publishes draft videos on YouTube.

    Modify JavaScript code that publishes draft videos on YouTube. This code - https://docs.google.com/document/d/12qY1C5wrennjvWZOzDwF9LvS5YVRGR49/edit is able to publish videos on non-monetized youtube channels but not able to do so on monetized channel because these channels have extra steps to...
  5. novocaine

    Youtube Shorts Journey

    2 days ago i started testing and doing mass shorts uploads on YT and i just had some interesting results already, this is the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPisQtaeQi6pa9lGGZLLh7Q For now im spamming LoL shorts and im getting nice training as 50k+ views in like 10 hours to start...
  6. S


    I have several videos exported to MVB pro from MVD. I want to upload all of them But I have issues. Check out the problem am facing from the recorded videos in the attachment below.
  7. H

    Free streamable.com alternative that allows porn?

    I need a service that allows me to upload and share porn videos (similar to Imgur, but for longer videos). I used streamable.com and they kicked me out. Seems many of these "normal" upload&share -services don't allow adult content. Can you recommend something?
  8. Roast Chicken

    How to Bypass Upload Limit?

    Hello everybody. I was watching YT shorts, and this channel ( https://youtube.com/channel/UCN6H2fSUyxGANk9ahz_1LxA/videos) is spamming a lot of shorts, all in my recommend section. They posting one per minute. I'm sure he knows a method of bypassing YouTube's upload limit system... How does he...
  9. R

    Why do the URL of the mp4 file keep changing?

    After several hours when I click on the video I have added to my site, it starts to play for a few seconds and then I get an HTML5: Network error in the player. When I look at the URL of the mp4 on the origin website the URL is different.
  10. Mr.skyline

    Youtube Uploads

    Hi, I would like to ask, if is it a problem when I upload more than 5 videos per one day on one channel? It is a bad idea or not?
  11. F

    Adult Subreddits - upload adult videos

    Hi, We are looking for some another adult subreddits where we can post daily quality adult videos from our adult tube sites. If you are interested in regularly uploading our videos to your adult subreddits write to me.
  12. SepticFish

    Looking for VA to work with adult content

    Time commitment: Part-full time. Continuous work. Task: Uploading videos to other tube websites with appropriate titles, tags, description, etc. Or scrapping images and reuploading them elsewhere. Budget: max $300 a month Please DM or leave coment with your contact info. If you DM please...
  13. G

    Can't upload documents to PayPal any solution?

    So finally i got the documents to verify the PayPal account, But for some reason i'm unable to upload them can't press the done button when it's already uploaded Tried from both Chrome and Firefox (Desktop) Anyone faced such problem before?
  14. Justuz

    Upload Videos automatically to Instagram using Python3 April 2020

    Is there any way, to upload videos (& schedule the upload) to Instagram using Python3 in March 2020? As far as I know, IG did some changes/restrictions to their API, so most of the Python Librarys, that worked for me uploading vids to IG (i didn't found a library, which was working any more)...
  15. X

    Recommend Free Adult Video Host

    Where can I upload my videos, for adult site. site must not delete videos after inactivity.
  16. payxander

    How upload ebook to many sites?!

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen, Can someone share a list of sites where you can upload your pdf ebook? Maybe a program or just a list of sites... Thank you!
  17. B

    Anonymous content sharing platform to earn money

  18. F

    [BETA TESTERS] Adult Video Upload Software

    Hi, we are preparing a new version of Tube Sites Submitter and looking for a few beta testers. We have more than 220 adult tube sites in the database that we need to test. The test will be simple, just upload your videos to all adult tube sites, register profiles to adult tube sites and send...
  19. artbusiness

    Instagram compression

    I'm wondering what is the maximum quality we can upload to instagram? In the Ascend Viral book it says instagram values high quality content as it takes image quality in order to rank a top post. If I upload a 4k*4k pixel image will some user be able to download my image in original...
  20. jason212

    Which sites allows to upload porn videos?

    Hey guys, do you have a list where I can upload porn videos?
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