Newbie BHW Learnings - A Diary to Follow

Aug 8, 2016
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Hi friends,

this is some kind of diary about my learnings here at BHW. I'm writing this partly for myself to keep on learning an to recap what i read here.

I'm from Germany so excuse my language :).

1. I would love to connect with some german speaking guys as well. Kind of hard to follow all the discussions in english.

I read an article from Lethi about her experiences and best practice in 5 years BHW.

- One valueable information was to analyze the niche or better said the top positions for their anchor ratios and to find the best anchor ratio.

- I didn't know anything about link building tools (I only know link analysing tools). So i read a lot about GSE and RankerX. I think RankerX is more modern and a better software to concept and automate link building campaigns. Definitely have to try RankerX because i have several websites and clients which i need to get on page 1 ;).

- There are a lot of link building services here but right now i don't trust them that much. Especially not for my german websites or for clients. Maybe i will try one of them one day but i need to dig deeper into this black hat seo world before. If there would be some services with more experiences for the german market i would be more open to try maybe.

- I read also Lethis article about finding expired Twitter accounts with Scrapebook (unfortunately only for Windows??!!) and use them to link to your money site. That sounded like a lot of work and i didn't really got the point how she is using so many accounts to link to her money site.

- Then i read an article by T0mmy about parasite sites. Summarized he is using high authority sites like facebook, yahoo questions or youtube (making accounts there and publish an high quality article) and is firing thousands of links to this sites with his content. From this site he is linking (inside the text) to a domain which is redirected to an other relevant site (that it doesn't look suspicious). Because of the hugh amount of links the high authority site will reach a high ranking. If it reached a good position the direction will be changed to the product page or landingpage with an affiliate link (or is this landingpage on the domain which has been redirected earlier??).

- In this article he also says that i can fire tons of links (with rankerx???) to an social media profile of my client and he will rank better, is that correct?

Thanks for reading, maybe it is interesting for other newbies or other german speaking people who have problems understanding everything :). And maybe there are some more skilled people who could give further information.


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Hey Santino, if you come from a white hat background you may want to wait a few months before you start using tools like rankerx and GSA. It's easy to make a website disappear from the serps with them...

Scrapebox is a much better thing to start with. You can use it for wh and bh research. Forget about mass commenting and stuff. You will need a virtual machine to run it on Linux, Wine won't do:

Also, don't restrict yourself to a German speaking bubble. You are going to miss a lot of great things.

Great idea keeping a diary of everything you learn.
Thanks for the Infos Bro. Will try Scrapebox first but i need to try and test tools like RankerX or GSA - sounds like they're really powerfull. I will try them on some of my pages first :).

Today i had to work a lot so time for BHW was short.

- I read an article from lightningblitz "HOW TO RANK - NEWBIE GUIDE". He was recommending to create Web 2.0 (manual) with content and to link them to your website after a few days. I was able to dig into that TIER strategy a bit more. So he was talking about firing a lot of links (Social Bookmarks, Social Network, Article Submissions, Blog Comments) on this Web 2.0 profiles (like a tumblr blog). He is doing this with GSA (i need to try!!!). Let it age and let the links get indexed. If that isn't enough to rank a low competition keyword than you should build a TIER 3. That means another level of links to your second level of links (TIER 2). The first level are your Web 2.0 pages. He is recommending about 500 links to each Web 2.0. Then he was talking about URL shortener to the Web 2.0 pages but i didn't really got that point.

Too less time today, sorry guys. But i think i need to try Scrapebox and RankerX for one of my own projects. Learning by doing was always the right way for me.

Have a good weekend friends

Back again. I read a lot about Tiered Link Building the last days. Started to build some Web 2.0 with anchor in URL as Tier 1. Will try to find a good text spinning tool for german texts (any suggestions???) and fill them with content.

Then i would like to try a tool for Tier 2 links. Right now i think i should start to earn RANKERX. But i need to read more about Scrapebox as well. Today i found another interesting tool called syndwire. It allows you to auto post to about 32 social media profiles. With 100 $ / month it's not cheap tough.

So my next tasks are:
- finding a german text spinning tool
- bringing content to my TIER 1 Web 2.0 pages
- finding the best service for building TIER 2 and TIER 3 links
- finding a service for auto posting on social media profiles??
- working with expired twitter accounts to link on my money site??
- finding expired niche domains and build 301 to my money site
- read more about building PBN and if it is worth it in 2017

BTW. If some of you want to chat about Black Hat stuff just write me a message.
Nice one op sounds like you dived right in and your loving it :)

Just keep reading and testing but don't do all this stuff towards a site you can't afford to lose because you are still learning about it all.
You're on the right track. Sounds like you're doing a lot of quality research. One thing you should know, don't use GSA/RankerX directly to your main site. Use them to build links to your tiers. Read up on buffer sites (like tier 1 web 2.0s) and how they work. Keep it up, and good luck!
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