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Apr 1, 2012
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Like so many other people, I've making a journal of my IM goals, journey, and hopefully successes. I'm making this journal so I can help other people with IM as well as learn myself.

I am 18 years old and have been in the IM business for a couple years. I've tried a wide variety of IM techniques with not a lot of success. Over this past few week a few things have motivated me to really try and step up my earning online. First, I'm tired of writing Fiverr articles. Second, I'm fed up of failing and not reaching my IM goals, the main one I haven't achieved in an entire year. Finally, I need to make more money or I'm just going to get a job at Mcdonalds if I can't earn at IM. I also have to save for college and while I plan to go to college, it would be great to have alternative IM career just to have more options.

My current goal is to make $300 dollars income passively, $700 in total.

My biggest earners currently are Fiverr, Niche Sites, and Squidoo.
Things I'm earning from:

From Fiverr, I earn about $400 a month from 48 hours of work, about 12 a week. I write articles, do Squidoo lens, forum posts, Prezis, hubpages, and more. I generally earn $8-10 dollars an hour.

From my 5 niche sites, I earn $40 a month from Adsense as well as a couple of Amazon Sales.

From Squidoo I earn $125 month from Amazon Associates and $20 dollars in Adsense a month.
So overall I earn about $185 income passively + $400 work = $585 which is a far cry from what I feel like I should be earning, especially after being in the IM business for multiple years.

Things I'm trying:

Reselling Fiverr services on SEO Clerks : This is failing miserably because no one is buying.

Creating my own authority site to sell my services: I'm tired of Fiverr taking a whole dollar away from my order. Through a service site I figure I can earn more from upsells and more income in general. However, after I've started I've become discouraged for several reasons. First, it is a lot of work to set up
Paypal buttons and learn how it works. Second, its going to be hard to organize all my orders and deadlines. Finally and most importantly, where am I going to get my buyers from if I can't refer clients through Fiverr? Hopefully I can work out these issues.

Clickbank and Youtube Videos : I create clickbank review videos and outsource the SEO. I've spent $100 rank ten videos . It's not a big lose in terms of investment, but I'm pretty sure this is going to fail as well. I can get some videos to rank but in the 20 clicks this week I've gotten 0 sales. I'm still hopeful though, because some of the people I've hired are still working. However, I'm not earning pretty much anything.

Things I want to try:

Amazon Affiliate Sites : I've heard you can make a good amount of money through these if you know about WP Amazon plugins. However I'm hesitant to try because it seems like a large time investment and I've already created some of these that have failed miserably.

eBay reselling SEO services: I'm going to try this soon.
Other individual ideas I find in BHW Making Money section. I'll update this when I try one.
Things I've tried and failed at:

Adsense NICHE SITES: This has been the most frustrating experience for me. I have a website in the first rank of google for a keyword with 6,600 monthly searches and $3.53 CPC for the keyword. I get like 3000 visits a week HOWEVER using the CTR theme I get a clickthrough rate of .36% with color integrated ads and an average CPC of .50. This blows my mind because the math just doesn't add up. If you are an expert in niche sites I COULD REALLY USE SOME HELP.

Squidoo Amazon Affiliate Lens - Though I've created over a hundred lens I earn a measly $20 a month in Adsense from them and only $150 in Amazon
Building and earning from a custom built site - For two months last year I tried to learn html and css and build a site. It was a waste of time and money period. Wordpress is so much easier.
Amazon Affiiliate Site: Not a total failure, but out of the 4 I've created, only 1 has had any success at all and its earned like $80 in total.

I think I've failed a lot because I'm too hesitant. I think a lot of methods that IM use are kind of iffy such as dating site advertisement and making money from manipulating copyrighted material. I really don't want to do this because I don't like piracy and never pirate anything. I also am hesitant to try new techniques such as CPA advertising and Authority sites because of the investment of time and money. As a result, I'm going to try and be more open minded and open to risk.
If you reached the end of this, thanks for reading my post! If you want to reply or message I'll try to respond. I will heartily accept any advice and thank you for it. I'll try and update this journal frequently.

Tools I own: Scrapeboxx, Market Samurai, Article Marketing Robot
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Any updates? What have you been working in this month? Any success?

Happy New Year!
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