1. L

    What is the Best Keyword Density for SEO in 2023?

    Hello BHW, I'm so confused about the recommendations for keyword density from all the sources. Some say 2% and some say 0.5%. My view so far is that it's hard to insert keywords 2% naturally. But anything less seems like maybe the page will not rank. Does anyone have upto date advice for...
  2. L


    Hello i have more then 800 products images i want to fill all images title alt captions descriptions please need some suggestions what should i write in all these Thank You
  3. SirJackneeOff

    Keyphrase Density

    What does everyone think about the Yoast keyword/keyphrase density tool and what it says about putting keywords in titles? Is there something better or just researching a high ranking blog post is best? I would love to hear your opinion.
  4. D

    Keyword Saturation Questions

    I am building some pages out and was curious about keyword density. For example, if my high target keyphrase is "Elliptical Machine" with 600 words on the page, what would my guidelines be? Other related phrases that are highly searched are "Elliptical Bike" and "Elliptical Equipment" and...
  5. 420friendly

    Keyword density

    Ok... When figuring keyword density on a page do you include the following: Title Meta Description Meta Keywords Alt/Title tags Do you exclude certain words? Does anyone know how google looks at this? I am trying to get a good % however all the different checkers seem to give much different...
  6. R

    Total Seo Newbee - First Thing Keywords

    Hi, Just started looking at SEO and what to know how to write the content of my site for optimal seo and what the keyword density should be and how to use the keyword tools. Checked the density for the search terms and they were sitting at 3-4%. Any tips and tutorial would be very much...
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