data breach

  1. ATuringtest

    Namecheap - Some of your saved passwords were exposed in a non-Google data breach

    Got this from Google this morning. Only worried about Namecheap on the list. One or more of the passwords stored in your Google Account was found in a data breach from a site or app that you use. Might want to change your passwords.
  2. F

    Leaked email list

    Hello everyone! I need your help.... I accidentally discovered my e-mail address in this pastebin: I setted up this website months ago with my exposed emails... Maybe someone breached my website? Why was it posted on pastebin...
  3. crissdinesh

    Any Microsoft Security Breach Happened Today?

    Hi BHW, I couldn't access my Microsoft account. I couldn't even try to create a new Microsoft account from another computer (different IP) in incognito mode also. It says service is temporarily unavailable. Earlier, I received an email to recovery email address stating "We detected something...
  4. lacifitra

    Quora Data Breach Apparently Quora was hit with a data breach a few hours ago, causing about 100 million people's information to be leaked (which explains why they were offline for half an hour or so). "The compromised information...
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