cpa networks

  1. intracon

    Offer GreenLine Media - your opinion and experience?

    Has anyone ever had any kind of experience of cooperation with them? Their website looks very strange and contains a few linguistic errors in texts. Design looks raw as well, but they have really good reviews on the internet. However, it's hard to get any answer from their support. Did anyone...
  2. M

    What are some good CPA Content / link Locking Networks Right Now ?

    What are some of the better current content / link / file locking networks available right now ? I'm looking to test out my traffic right now with different content locker networks to see which converts best for my traffic. I have been out of the game for a while so I'm not sure which are the...
  3. intracon

    CPA networks with jobs offers besides MaxBounty?

    Does anyone have any ideas about CPA networks that have many full-time and side jobs offers besides MaxBounty? They suspended my account their pretty fast without any explanations. What networks should I try besides MaxBounty? Would be very grateful for any help.
  4. intracon

    CPABuild - any luck nowadays?

    Hey, did anyone here have any luck with CPABuild nowadays? I registered there a month ago maybe. However, my account is still "Pending approval". Tried to contact support two times. First - using the contact form on their website. Second - sending them a direct email. Nobody answers. Haven't...
  5. EternalFun

    CPA network that runs contests?

    Like for example if publishers makes certain money within said frame they get xxx amount of dollars or certain prizes?
  6. cloakedsro

    What do you think is the best CPA network for Desktop traffic?

    I'm curious about everyone's opinion about this. I'm starting to bring in some more traffic day by day on my CPA lockers and I'm currently on CPAGrip. I've used them a lot in the past and in 2014 ~ 2015 they were the best for me. However, I'm curious to see if there are any better CPA...
  7. R

    CPA networks alternatives

    Hello people, can you suggest me some cpa networks that don't require to have a website. Thank you, i hope you all have productive and lovely day.
  8. Sizus

    Isn’t this pity what CPA became...

    I remember back then in 2012-2014 with 200 conversations a day I could approximately earn $200 from worldwide traffic. Even with PPD networks (FileIce and ShareCash) which were middleman for CPA ones. And look at the situation now: Isn’t this pity comparing it to where CPA was and where is...
  9. vedeus

    Best CPA Affiliate program for Gaming offers?

    Hello wise people, I would like to know, which CPA affiliate network is great and tolerate leads in the gaming niche, where most of the conversions will be a bit blackhat.. Just for example Free Clash of Clans Gem Generator.. and leads from that, which network will tolerate that? The people...
  10. loveLORD

    CPA newb Need CPA veterans HELP !

    Hello my budding Money Makers ! I am a CPA newbie ! I learnt pretty much all the basic stuff and I have decided to promote offers through email marketing as I found a way to send approximately 8000 email/day(24 hours) (inbox to Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail) and tbh this method requires hard work and...
  11. lacifitra

    Any CPA Network with Content Locker that allow Adult Traffic?

    I've been looking around and apparently both CPABuild & CPAGrip don't allow adult content traffic. Thing is, I'm about to launch something special and can basically guarantee that around 250-300 people/per day would go through the content locker hassle to get to what I'm hiding behind it...
  12. N

    Adword Accounts

    Hello i am having issue with my all adwords accounts, they are suspending, even i am using cloaker and good landing pages. I am using threshold accounts i got them in bulk, can anyone help me why this is happening ? is this issue to all?
  13. N

    CPA Offers and Call Center

    Hello, hope everyone is fine. I am from Pakistan and run my own call center and like 40 agents working for me. 3 Months ago i got CPA course and studied that, and know how things work. I have also joined many networks like MaxBounty, ClickDealer, CpaProsperity etc. So the Main reason...
  14. pj777777

    Anyone recognize this network?

    TIA Pj777777
  15. abouttrillions

    Can anyone recommend a CPA network for Asian traffic (Philippines)

    Can anyone recommend a CPA network for Asian traffic (Philippines) the perfect offers would be downloads, games, and email submits. Thanks, Guys Dean
  16. M

    CPAbuild alternative?

    I applied to CPAbuild because they allow landing pages to be hosted on their domain with interesting templates and their lenience towards black hat niches, but my application was declined. Can anyone recommend other CPA networks with similar functions?
  17. alice252293

    Are all CPA networks shaving leads?

    I've been promoting for adult CPA networks for 3 months. For the first month, I used to use chat traffic and e-whoring (I know I cannnot use promote this way). But thanks to this I found that many CPA networks shave my leads. I tried Pussycash (they shave like crazy) and chaturbate (they are the...
  18. H

    Globalwide Media help please

    Hi all. Apologies if this is in the wrong section. Let me know and I'll move it. I've been looking into CPA for a while now and got applied for Globalwide Media after seeing thier offers on offervault. They accepted me, and I have looked them up both on here and on google and know they were...
  19. Byte

    Any CPA Network Suggestions?

    Hey fellow members of BHW, I'm Byte and I greet you all as a new member of this awesome forum. I have been struggling with CPA lately, which I don't know if the cause is my CPA Network or myself (my traffic). I was earning pretty good from CPA back in the day (around 100-200$ per day) but it...
  20. neff

    Need help about ADVERTEN payment

    hey guys i am a newbie at Adverten cpa network. I reached their minimum payout amount. So last week i talked to their support and they told me you will get paid next tuesday. But now its over .yesterday was there payment date i talked to there one of Affiliate manage named (Hanna) she told me...
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