core update

  1. Dark Hat 007

    New Google July Update - "Here we go again"

    While most of us are barely recovering from the May Core Updates, the Big G's have rolled out another. Have you experienced anything?
  2. Dark Hat 007

    Did your KWs drop drastically on 16th/17th July? New Google Update?

    This is crazy; it's either I didn't escape the May Core update or Google is running mad. I experienced series of drop yesterday, my traffic (for this journey) halved by 95%-- LOL See these screenshots. there are about 6 -9 other similar screenshots. Some others experienced it too from...
  3. ranga

    Google Update - May 27th - How are the Big Boys Doing

    As everybody know this update is a disaster for many till now. But, its been a disaster for many big boys too and some are not that affected. Lets see who got what. 1. SE Round Table - Down From a Peak of 165000 and an average of around 160000 approx it is not at around 120000. A drop of...
  4. ydvajit

    What happened to Google?

    Has anyone noticed that google has been mad? Its July 2021 core update hit the genuine websites and a pool of junk websites ranking much better with one or more than one pages on top 10 search results. Today I searched a query on google and found 2 pages of a websites ranking in top 10 search...
  5. blinggam

    Google July 2021 Core Update Released

    Somehow I don't see a thread on this topic which is pretty surprising, as this update has been absolutely massive even though it's not fully rolled out. Here is the official announcement: It will take 1-2 weeks to rollout, but in some European countries that I monitor it has been huge. IMO...
  6. HenryObi

    Following The Recent Google Update, What Are You Doing Differently?

    Question is already in the title. My site that was impacted keeps losing keywords more and more though some pages have stabilized at positions slightly lower than they were(still top 10). The rest are just losing keywords daily with little to no new gain in keywword. I'm wondering since...
  7. bangun tidur

    [ASK] Weird SERP Question?!

    Lately serp has been really weird this day and we know it because May Core update because some of the site i've working always high in traffic and after may 5 exactly it just go down to almost no impression. But i don't want to blame but instead i want to share a little bit about my trouble...
  8. kvvni

    Another google update? here we go again(?)
  9. vineet18

    When a site is hit by a Google update, how do you find the reason for the hit?

    What all analysis do you conduct?
  10. robin222

    Are your current rankings and traffic restored?

    It ’s been 10 days since Google ’s core algorithm update in May. I checked today. Many keywords still have n’t returned to their previous position. The traffic is still declining. This is really a bad beginning of May. How are you?
  11. Viku

    Google’s May 2020 Core Update: How to Gain Lost Traffic & Ranking

    I have 2 sites. 1st in Sport Niche, Which I rarely update & 2nd in digitam marketing which I update old article on regular basis. I lost search ranking for all 50 terms which I am tracking in sport niche site (ExpertFreeTips dot Net) And For digital Marketing site (nekraj dot com) which I...