1. wecreative

    【CONTENT IS GODFATHER OF SEO】 - ⏩ High-Quality Content at Affordable Price ⏪ | ✅ TAT within 7 Days & 50% Lifetime Discount ✅ | ♛SurferSEO Extra Addon♛

    BILL GATES SAID CONTENT IS KING OF SEO, BUT WECREATIVE SAYS CONTENT IS GODFATHER OF SEO. Let Everyone Know What You Are Producing We are committed to producing high-quality, engaging SEO content for our clients. We work with American writers so that the quality of your content can remain...
  2. GainTheImpossible

    Is this plagiarism?

    Hi there, I have a question for people using Copyscape as their main plagiarism checker. How accurate is it? As I'm writing more content, some of my clients insist on using this particular one, making it difficult for me to understand what's so special about it. Is it the best? The cheapest...
  3. sharyqkhan

    High Quality Content Writing Service at reasonable price $3/500 words | Including Revisions and Friendly Support

  4. AAW

    How important is Plagiarism in SEO?

    So I have a site that sometimes we post a study or research done on certain things and I just found out that there are other sites showing almost same content we have, even though (and as far as a recall) we changed the content from the actual study (used Copyscape to find this), so my question...
  5. C

    Someone copied my site's content

    Hello, I am gutted that someone copied content from my site (word-to-word) along with pictures and backdate published it. Can't share the URL, sorry. I came to know only today when I was checking this particular site's backlink history. To make matters worse, G had already released a core...
  6. T

    Using Copyscape..? Be Aware Its A Scam Read This Review

    I have been using copyscape from a long time and Relied it hundred 100%. But what I saw today is a pure scam. I will never use this service again. Guys please recommend any good service. I have shared proofs below have a look: As per copyscape the above article is 100% unique. But let me...
  7. kurosaki4d

    Duplicate content - Legal pages

    Hello, I just ran a test on Copyscape and got as a result about 70-80% of duplicate content for the following pages: - Privacy Policty - Cookie policy - Terms of use - Disclosure So i'm wondering should these pages be addressed or are they overlooked by google as an exception ? If someone...
  8. homeriscool

    Is 95% unique content safe for moneysite?

    Hi all, I've spent a grueling amount of hours writing a 5000 word blog post and for some reason it wont pass copyscape! it matches 5% with other content! Can you believe that. I've spent hours trying to get the content to pass and it wont. me not happy. Is it safe to use?
  9. KJREDDY247@

    Does Grammarly Plagiarism Check Reliable?

    If the Grammarly Premium shows zero% plagiarism can i use those articles on my money site? Or it's not so reliable. Unicheck and Copyscape Look costlier for me.
  10. L

    question about my content genuine level

    I try to write some articles at hubpage, usually, it goes live directly and after a while, some time it rejects my articles, either reason is quality issue or said my content appear somewhere else. (sometimes I hire a writer to write unique content, pass copyscape as well) In this matter, if I...
  11. pishty

    Copyscape passed content

    I was reading a niche related PDF book, and out of curiosity I checked some of its content with Copyscape. Here is the result: No results found for the text you pasted (1,893 words, $0.05) on 23 Jul 2018 at 12:07 GMT. Questions: - is it safe to use the content on my website? - is still...
  12. kellyjohn

    Copyscape websites?

    Find out the best copyscape websites?
  13. ContentWriter

    Is a More Expensive Copyscape Worth Every Penny?

    Okay, so I received this email from Copyscape: I have been using Copyscape for the longest time. Though I understand their explanation in sustainability, I think pumping it to 300% just like that would really hurt my pocket. Do you think it's okay to pay "Only 3c...
  14. homeriscool

    what percentage of uniqueness to pass copyscape?

    Hi all, im currently doing some advanced spinning with the best spinner and im aiming to create 1000 high quality and unique articles. Question is what percentage of uniqueness do i need to pass copyscape with all my articles?
  15. staypositive

    Verifying outsourced article quality

    guys i have been spending a lot of money recently on the outsourcing of article seek for your advice, apart from using CS, Grammarly, duplichecker, dustball, smallseotoosls, plagiarisemcheckerx and also using double " " to quote some sentence to check the content how do i ensure the...
  16. Kashif Raza

    Copyscape Alternative

    Hello Everyone, I want an alternative of CopyScape to check plagiarism. I found that CopyScape didn't check deeply into the article. Kindly suggest me any free or paid alternative of CopyScape to check 100% plagerisim form my article. Thanks
  17. salo123

    Anyone good experience with nbridge plagiarism finder?

    Anyone good experience with nbridge plagiarism finder? I have the professional versions. I search by fragments of 4 words. Sometimes I get very good results, and sometimes duplichecker or plagium find resources nbridge plagiarism finder can t find. Should I change my settings? Any tips or...
  18. K

    What do you consider a COPYSCAPE pass?

    What do you consider a copyscape pass- when there is not a single result? What about "The page below has 94 words matching 11% of the page, as highlighted below:" I have ordered a service here at BHW, and some of the posts on the websites are not completely original - like example above. Is...
  19. D

    Best free article spin/rewrite software?

    Id like to use software to rewrite wikipedia articles so that they pass copyscape. Can anyone recommend software and where to get it? Free preferred but if it is great software, I will pay.
  20. O

    Ideas & tools for a $$$$$$$$ Niche Blog

    Hello there. Everyone!! I'm looking for some ideas for creating a profitable blog on Wordpress, that could make at least $8000 a month. I know it might sound impractical to many..but there are people who make much larger than the above figure. I'm all ears to ideas that have worked well for...
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