1. B

    two main pages of my website were taken down due to a DMCA copyright infringement claim

    So as mentioned in the title, My website recently had two of its main pages removed due to a DMCA copyright infringement claim. As a result, these pages are no longer appearing in Google search results nor i can launch a campaign on google ads, I'm looking for advice on how to restore them. i...
  2. Carol Andrei

    What do i do?

    Whats this boys, im fuc**d?
  3. INauCkeL

    Sell digital course that isn't yours

    I have access to a YouTube course made by YouTube (Google) and a digital agency, with colaboration of successful youtubers. The course is very complete. It has guides about: - Content (how to record and edit videos, design guidelines/assets, live streaming) - Marketing (branding, strategies...
  4. Panther28

    This makes for an interesting paragraph about copyright goods and reselling them (drop shippers legal stance)

    If you are doing business in the US, you might find this an interesting take on the legal stance of dropshipping...
  5. SEOKrishna

    Copyright on Reddit

    Hey bhw I wanna ask if reddit is strict with copyright content? I wanna try the soccer goals method with adsense but im scared of copyright. What are the consuquences? And where should i host my website?
  6. ppdash

    Can someone please tell me how people post videos as music like this? i searched it for days man...:(

    :( How these people post videos under music licence without any striking issues? i want to upload movies like this can someone help me please??
  7. Paabl0

    Do we need to give credits for stock images?

    If I am using stock images on my blog, do I really need to give credit? I've seen many people giving credit. Why do they do it? Due to copyright issues or It's good for SEO? I have checked Unsplash and others' terms and conditions. They have mentioned that giving credit is optional. One more...
  8. RedPixel

    How to manage copyright issues on facebook?

    I've seen large pages like LadBible but also smaller wannabe pages use an array of video content, and I'm wondering how they effectively manage copyright issues. - Do they have direct agreements with content creators or agencies? Do they primarily rely on fair use policies, do they purchase...
  9. Panther28

    The guy makes hundreds a week posting football clips and stays within youtube rules

    Found this to be an interesting video: This is the part I found most relevant. He's got an alert from youtube and had the channel checked, but as you can see on the left side, there is lots of options of twisting the content of other people and making it brand new with "significant value"...
  10. nohupt

    The Internet Archive loses landmark copyright case

    Some fodder for your brains if you're interested in copyright law in the U.S. The video below is well worth the watch. One of the key takeaways that I thought was a brilliant loophole of American capitalism is that the Internet Archive's founder, Brewster Kahle, owns a book retailer called...
  11. dropthemic

    I need an advice!

    Did you do CPA in the adult niche? I keep thinking about starting this niche with Reddit. I wonder where I can get the content or if there is anything copyrighted or legal I should know about it. I can have trouble?
  12. BigBouba

    Copyrights to porn

    Hello everyone, What about copyrights on pornographic material. I see videos on various free tube websites from the somewhat large porn studios that normally cost money to watch but can be viewed for free on such a site. Imagine if I embed these videos and put them on my own tube website will I...
  13. ChipMaster

    YouTube Copyright Strike and Appeal

    My content was uploaded by a channel that deceived and slandered users. As a result, we filed a copyright strike and YouTube took down the content. However, the channel appealed falsely and now YouTube is asking me for a court order. Obtaining a court order in my country is difficult. I’m not...
  14. ytkilla

    Hello BHW.

    Hello BHW. I'm a youtuber and I've been active on YouTube since 2013. I'm newcomer here and want find something new for me as well don't mind to share my experience with other. Nowadays I help to remove video from different social networks including YouTube, Facebook etc.
  15. Akwebguide

    Some guy is stealing my content how can I apply copyright strike on website please help!!!!

    So they’re a new competitor website that just pop up. He’s using Adsense to monetize his traffic and then he’s stealing the scripts I share on my website. a little about my website I create template and scripts and share them for free on my website with ads of course to earn revenue. My...
  16. ChipMaster

    YouTube Copyright Strikes

    We filed a copyright infringement request with YouTube to take down 5 of our videos, and they successfully removed 5 of them. Despite having received 5 copyright strikes, that channel continues to upload videos. How it's possible?
  17. S

    fake permission to use copyright?

    Someone can create fake permission to use copyright for me?
  18. P

    How serious are Copyright notices from authors guild. They even know my home Address

    Hello Guys, I am running a small books website which allows readers to read and download educational books. Its been 1 year and have just started to get some traffic, most vistiors are students and they are very happy to get a website like this. I am using a Netherlands hosting which ignores...
  19. robin222

    Can I sell apple watch bands that are the same as the official apple

    I want to build an e-commerce website that sells Apple watch straps, and would like to know if it is possible to sell the same official Apple watch straps? Just mark at the bottom of the website: "Our sells third-party watch bands & accessories compatible with your own Apple Watch. We do not...
  20. Panther28

    Interested in knowing about the legalities of using Ai art and copyright?

    This is a good video, talking from legal dude, artist, and night cafe ai support. The takeaway is that if you aren't infringing on someone's copyright, you have put a bit of work into "thinking" about what you will write and have documented the process. As for using nightcafe for your blog...
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