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  3. Giz0mX

    I accidently rank wrong url with GSA SER now what ?

    This is kind of funny. My main keywords already on number 1 and it comes with PMD (partial matched domain ) . Since i am running multiple projects for similar niche i accidentally blast all contextual to its Facebook fan page. ( i used to run campain on FB fan page too but not often and not...
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    [Guides] Unpopular Parasites that work like a Charm

    Since Google algo is pretty f’kd up due to the latest core update, I think you already know that it’s a good time to rank some stupid parasites. I noticed these parasites below are constantly on top 20 Google and they’re indexed pretty quickly. You can build them as many as you can to get...
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    [Guide] Get this Tuesday contextual links

    I just got back from holiday and this is some souvenirs for you. :D ThemePalace DR87 Signup at Click Edit Profile. Then at the top right of your browser, click Edit my profile. Scroll down to Biographical info and place your article and hyperlink into...
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    [Guide] Get this WHMCS backlink DR92

    Register at Click My Account menu and select Your Profile. Then select Group Membership tab. Create a New Group. Add your title into Name field. Place your article, link, and image into Description field. To create a link, use this markdown...
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    [Guide] Get this telegram backlink

    Yeah I’ve heard you can use Telegram for making money, getting audiences or even clients, but how about getting a link juice there? Have you ever thought about it yet? If you haven’t, then read on. Disclaimer: This guide is for newbie who doesn’t know how to create a backlink on Telegram...
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    [Guides] Backlinks spree for a good week

    You can use these do-follow links for any niche you like. Took me less than three days to get these bad boys indexed without links, so you better not giving me excuses. :p Hub Docker DR90 Create an account at Go to Repositories menu, then Create Repository...
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    [Guides] Niche Relevant Links in Music/Entertainment Industry

    Since only a few interested in traffic generation I shared last week. I'm about to share niche relevant links in the Music / Entertainment industry as requested on my previous thread. I don't think I need to explain more the benefits of building these contextual and do-follow links for your...
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    [Tutorials] What a nice Monday to share some links

    What you'll get: ✅Do-follow ✅Contextual ✅Indexable ✅Link juice ✅Authority ✅Diversity ✅A good Monday Sorry, no doge this time. He's on a cruise... Blogger DR95 It's an alternative method of this thread by @Pavan Teja 1 Instead of getting a no-follow profile link as described on his thread...
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    [Tutorials] I'm here some cool links for you

    These are do-follow, contextual, indexable, non-subdomain links (except brandyourself) and pretty high indexing rate. Use these links to diversify your link profile like this one. Lexisnexis DR88 Sign up at Click View profile page on...
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    [Tutorials] Juicy Contextual Links on DR 80-96 Sites!

    Just found these from my competitor's link profile. All do-follow, contextual and indexable. You may use these high authority sites for diversifying your link profile and of course getting a nice link juices! Remember, quality over quantity. P.s: Sorry for using your pics @Neon or maybe your...
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    [Tutorials] New High DR Link Juices

    No results found on BHW search. All links are do-follow, indexable, and contextual. 1. Sign up at 2. Import a project. Connect to your Github/GitLab/Bitbucket account or you can import it manually. 3. Here is what it looks like Link...
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    P.s: This stuff has never been shared here before. So instead of getting a profile link on ArtStation, here is how you can get do-follow contextual links there: 1. Signup as Artists at 2. Create a New Artwork. 3. Upload your image. Add Title. Then place...
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    Reddit Links - DA99 / TF68 Contextual / Do-Follow Sidebar Links from!

    I build these links for EVERY site I work on, whether for a client or one of my own. I firmly believe these links should be in EVERY site's backlink profile, period. Reddit is one of the most popular sites on the internet and is arguably the best social engine to-date with some of the...
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  18. efwebs

    Difference between Web2.0 and Contextual Link?

    I've been out of this way too long, and I'm trying to get back into it. When I looked on here for the kind of backlinks that are working, "contextual" kept coming up. I'm not quite sure what that is. It sounds very similar to web2.0 backlinks, where you have a site or a blog with a link back to...
  19. Dn100

    POWERRANK - High Quality Drip Feed Contextual Links

  20. dujow

    [SHARE] 100 AA Directories for AMR That Allow Contextual Linking

    Hey folks, I tested my AA list for AMR last night to see which allow contextual links in the body of the article. Here are 100 of those directories for my Blackhat friends. These are 100% working as I tested them only a few hours ago. I put one random link in the body of the article, and 2...