content locker

  1. P

    Best Content Locker/CPA/CPD Site?

    What's the best? Or is there a better way to monetise a website currently? Things that you have used preferred, but sites you've heard good things about welcome too. Thanks guys.
  2. Spottyyy

    How can i make this Content Locker? (Custom CSS)

    Hey BHW, how can i get a locker like this: wich has text in it that links to a video: I know that its made with...
  3. T

    How To Add Content Locker Landing Page To Google Ads

    Hi Mates, i Have A Landing page about the PUBG Hack UC generator with A content locker on it, and it seems that google ads won't accept it so I got to ask about how I can make ads with google ads and insert my landing page link without getting My account suspended !? ( I'm working with CPABuild...
  4. noobguy

    CPAGrip + Copyright Downloads

    Hey Guys! I've been searching all around BHW for an answer to my question but I can't seem to find it. I have a website with good traffic. I dont host any music or movies on my site but just provide links for users to download them. I want to monetize it using content lockers. I have a...
  5. digi robot

    Best Monetisation Methods For File Download Website ?

    guys, I'm gonna start a website where visitors can download paid files for free. I read some articles about the method and PPD sites are not very user-friendly I think. (slow download speed, asking emails and other stuff) I guess locking my download files is a good way. But I have 0 experience...
  6. Deathless

    Movie Website

    Hello, i want to make a movie website, where users can download all type of movies, but in order to do that, they must complete a cpa offer. I'm currently using CPABuild, but i don't get one thing, how can i put the offers that are here - into a content locker, and after...
  7. midnightsavant

    What are some file hosting sites that let you add content lockers?

    Does anyone here know of any file hosting sites with direct download just like anonfile, mediafire, etc that let you add content locking scripts?
  8. MrT131

    What Are Ethical Ways To Lock Content?

    Hey BHW, lately I started searching some ways to monetize my website visitors ethically. Because in my opinion networks like CPABuild or OGAds are only ethical when people download a App and things like PIN Submits are fucking scam. I also can't just deactivate them because I already did and...
  9. spamco

    cpa fake coins content locker

    hey guys i have a qs , how to make a game video with fake coins ,the before and after like in the beginning he has 0 coins after he used the content locker he got 10k coins how to edit that in the game , thanks
  10. SuperS

    Looking for a free social content locker that works with elementor

    I want a plugin that allows me to lock a page, with the key to unlock being an FB like or a tweet. I've found one (Social locker). But it doesn't seem to work with elementor, or maybe the problem is that I created an independent page for the article instead of a post, not quite sure. I need it...
  11. phantasma

    An Interesting way someone did cpa with content locking.

    For those of you who are still struggling to set up something in CPA, here are some steroids to boost your creativity. I came across this question that was suggested by quora. what seems to be just a normal story ends with the statement: "A few weeks ago I answered a question on quora 'Have...
  12. NemoTheOne

    [JV] My Maxbounty, CPA Grip, and/or CJ accounts + Your campaigns

    Just as the title says. Primarily looking to partner with CPA Max Bounty and CPA Grip accounts. Had them for some time, just working on other things. I will be more than happy to contribute to traffic costs/campaign. Safe methods only. We can discuss split. Must have skype. Serious inquiries...
  13. xxx69

    CPA Content Locker

    Is there any script/code/plugin to make my own content locker website?? There should be some feature to add my cpa offers.. There are some 10 year old codes but not mobile friendly... Some people in this forum already searching before me....may be someone made this... Please help me if someone...
  14. ali arikan

    Online mobile game money generator question

    Hi. I saw a post about money (gold, diamonds, any in-game currency) generator post. I made a scam website from scratch and added my content locker in it. My question is, some people makes videos about it and shows that the hack works. I tried to find modded apk but I can't find the apk with...
  15. Jean taylor

    get paid traffic for content locker

    Hi Everyone, I want to start CPA content locker, I have a large budget, And I hate Free traffic such as youtube because they take a lot of time and usually they don't succeed, So please I'm asking you guys for a method to pay traffic for content locker For example, let's say that I have a...
  16. MehtaM

    [CPA] Is this guy a legit genius or a trickster?

    Saw this person's earnings and his conversion rate shocked me! How did he do that?
  17. anomalous

    [Journey] CPA Content Locking with Viral Twitter Traffic to $200/day

    Welcome to my first journey thread. I have been a lurker on this forum for nearly a decade, and have finally decided to be a more active part of the community. I have a project put together, and will be launching later today. The plan is to generate viral twitter traffic to an article series...
  18. ziko12345

    Ogads earnings

    Here i my ogads earnings for today, i am from 3rd world country and i am also in university so for me this is pretty good.
  19. U

    How to Rank Youtube videos in 2020?

    Do I just buy high retention views, likes and comments? Please give me links, keywords and ideas to do YouTube + cpa content locker. What niches are good? Just game hacks? How to do keyword research for this? Thanks.
  20. A

    Can content locker be timed?

    Basically the formula is to lock the content on page load or on click. Is it possible to enable content locker after certain time is spent on the content? Example: User can watch video(content) for certain time and once the time elasps, content locker pops up. Program: CPA programs Content...