content locker

  1. ryzendrak

    CPA Journey - Making my first CPA buck

    Hey guys, Ryzendrak here. Some of you may recognise me from my failed dropshipping journey. Yep, that's me and I'm back again! :D However this time, it's CPA. I have done my research on CPA for some time now and I realised something I and CPA go way way back! Back in 2013, GTA V was released I...
  2. ryzendrak

    Do you guys build a landing page from scratch or use a tool?

    Hey guys, Just wanted to check - How do you build your landing page/pages? Do you start from scratch or do you use a tool (What tool do you use?) I was thinking of going with the from-scratch route, then thought...hmmm there's no way all these CPA marketers are building their landing pages...
  3. Orozuz

    Video behind content locker

    What cpa network do you suggest for content locking porn? some of them ask for dmca compliance. And how do you deliver the video after the offer is completed? do you just link the video to download on drive or mega or you host it somewhere with a video player only accessible via the content locker?
  4. TaleSmith

    Suggest me some CPA with content locker

    I have been away from CPA for many years and want to return. Used to work with CleanFiles back in the day but they are gone. Also worked with Adworkmedia but not sure if they are still quality. Could people suggest some incentive CPA networks that have a content locker and good support for...
  5. intracon

    CPABuild - incent traffic for locker?

    Hi, wanted to try incent traffic with CPABuild content locker. However, their manager declared, that CPABuild doesn't allow incent traffic with their locker. Very strange, as content locking IS incent itself. Has anyone had any experience of earning with CPABuild content locker using incentive...
  6. INauCkeL

    What happens if access content locker or link shortener with bots?

    Hello all! I'm wondering what would happen if I access my content locker or any form of CPA revenue with bots. Would my account get banned easily? And what would happen if a user wants to troll me and access my content locker with bots? I know that's very unlikely, but please consider that as...
  7. W

    Advice on Content lockers?

    Hey folks. I wanna get back into IM. I've done this type of work before but that was a long time ago. These content lockers are new to me but I've read up on them and watched some YT videos. I like them. Seems like one could pretty well with them. I just signed up for OGads but they have to...
  8. M

    What are some good CPA Content / link Locking Networks Right Now ?

    What are some of the better current content / link / file locking networks available right now ? I'm looking to test out my traffic right now with different content locker networks to see which converts best for my traffic. I have been out of the game for a while so I'm not sure which are the...
  9. intracon

    Content locker solutions without CPA network

    Hello! Does anybody know any services or solutions to create a custom CPA content locker with postback support? Interested only in solutions that doesn't involve affiliate networks. I would like to have a full control over it. There were Deadbolter years ago. However, it's closed now. Does...
  10. E

    How to link to cpa Locker?

    Hi, how do I direct people from my tiktok video to my content locker ogads link without getting banned? Maybe put a domain watermark in video, puttting the link in the video; link in comment, other way? Also I think i can’t direct link them to the content locker maybe send them to a blog with a...
  11. Crackitoast

    Content locker in 2023 ?

    Hi, I was wondering if content locking is still profitable compared to a CPL relevant offer for organic traffic specifically, I saw that CPALead and other networks gave up this functionality. Is content locking "dead" and is it worth to use it in 2023 ?
  12. Lord of Skies

    Whats the best way to optimize your content locker?

    Hi there! I'm using Ogads content locker. I'm getting alot of clicks but only few people are able to convert the locker. And some of my visitors also complain, that they didn't get anything after completing the offers. Any advice and tips would be appreciated.
  13. vsslvn

    TikTok Free Traffic Monetization with Ogads Content Locker (Journey)

    Hi BHW, I've been working with Ogads for a long period of time 7years+, and I have seen success in the past promoting on Youtube with Seo, some times with google ads too. I was making around 100$ to 1k$ per day. The past 2 years I stopped working Since I always wanted to do Ecommerce I wasted...
  14. S

    How to Promote CPAGrip offers to get Leads

    Hello, I've joined CPAGrip for the simple reason that it's easy to join. The big problem that am facing is i can't figured it out how to get consistant income from it. I know that the most importnat thing in CPA offers is to get targeted traffic to complete those offers. So a made an ebook in...
  15. S

    Earn Money From CPA Offers

    Hello Everyone, Am a beginner in the CPA marketing and i did some small results but i couldn't go further than 4$. I got this with a content locker with a ebook to download after completing an offer, but i used picoworkers to get those results and then i realized that it was not legit to do...
  16. Dr.Lecter

    YouTube Shorts + CPA Journey to XXXX$/month

    Hi everyone, My first Journey Here, New Account due to some unwanted people that knew my old Acc. I am not setting a goal amount of money as I don't really know what to expect and I don't want to demotivate myself with low earnings. My main source of income now is Fiverr. already did some...
  17. bottingisfine

    I made 0.08$ on CPABuild

    How can I have made money without clicks and leads? Cpabuild tracks better the final submits that the clicks? Also, can an offer pay that low? this is from a content locker btw picture attached
  18. A

    Find Content Lockers Developers

    Anyone help know who can create content locking script for our CPA network? I already have own lead gen campaigns and 1500+ pubs but we don't have to content lock create script so urgently looking it....
  19. Lukmat

    [Journey] Youtube Shorts + CPA

    Last time I have created the thread about stealing TikTok videos and uploading to Youtube, then monetization with end screen. This journey was wrong, because some phones are displaying end screens and some not displaying. Mostly it's working with tablets. I have closed last journey after 1 day...
  20. P

    Best Content Locker/CPA/CPD Site?

    What's the best? Or is there a better way to monetise a website currently? Things that you have used preferred, but sites you've heard good things about welcome too. Thanks guys.
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