competitive analysis

  1. W


    Kindly contact on black hat world first before placing order, just to be careful of imposters, If you add me on skype or any other listed platform please msg on black hat world for confirming my identity.
  2. speedie

    ⚡ Keyword Research | Done for You ✅ Foundational On-page SEO ⚡ Boost Ranking ⚡

    Keyword research lays the foundational SEO for your website. In the competitive digital market, it is necessary to direct your business towards the right audience. Gain a competitive advantage. All done for you: 2000+ SEO optimized keywords. 100+ Focused Keywords. Related Keywords/...
  3. T

    2020 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report

    The team at RivalIQ released the latest social media benchmarking report for 2020, which studies more than 2,000 of the most engaging brands and companies to analyze what really makes them so successful on social. Source:
  4. RealDaddy

    [Method] Find Information about your Competitor?

    Hello BHW, Everyone has competitors in his/her business, but if we can find out information about how they are getting traffic, leads, and sales, we can do great with your business. step:1 Target a competitor- Let's say that you already have an online business or you are planning to start an...
  5. A

    How to analyze competitor's traffic source?

    Hi guys, There is a competitor who went from 40 to 500 visitors per day over a period of a month (according to SEMrush). That happened at the beginning of 2014. Is there any way to find out what was there marketing/seo strategy 1 year ago?
  6. B

    FREE ACCESS - $47 Competition Analysis Course

    Here a coupon code for a nice little Competition Analysis on Udemy Coupon: STH-CA69 For some reason I can't post the direct link. Visit Udemy and then add /how-to-anaylze-your-online-competition/ to the main link and you are good to go!!. When you confirm the order you it get it FREE - $47...
  7. S

    How To Do Keyword Research For Niche Sites- Step by Step

    Hi Guys, I found that most of the keyword research tutorials on this forum are outdated. So I just published one at and thought you guys might want to check it out. Here's a condensed version of the entire article. Enjoy ! First of all, You should note that keyword research...
  8. umairsheikh2002

    [HELP] High Competition with EMD

    Hi, I found Six EMD with high competition, I really confused!. Can someone tell me its worth to try or not and which keywords are good. Here are my competition screenshots: Keyword 1: Keyword 2: Keyword 3: Keyword 4: Keyword 5: Keyword 6: Thanks, Umee
  9. johndea

    Your competitors' SEO strategy?

    How do you figure out your competitors' SEO strategy? How they do linkbuilding, how they market, whether they do a linkwheel or what? How do you figure out what other people are doing that is successful? What tools do you use and how do you use them?
  10. J

    Keyword Research - How much does competition matter?

    Here is the scenario 2 keywords: keyword A and keyword B Both have 30,000 or some number "x" monthly searches Keyword A has 1 million pages competition or some number "y" Keyword B has 1.5 million pages competition or 1.5*y Question: Is it a guarantee that it will be easier to place in the...
  11. ajushi

    Would you pursue this niche if more than half are SEO optimized?

    Hi everyone! I'm a noob hunting for niches. I came across this niche using MS and I'm wondering if it's worth pursuing even if more than half have optimized the title, url, desc and header? What would you guys advise? Attached is the screenshot. Thanks in advance!
  12. P

    Competitive Analysis Help

    Can anyone suggest a good tool that will do an in-depth analysis of my competition? Or, if you are a professional SEO, will you tell me your process when you perform a competitive analysis for your clients. Thanks for any help! Cash Advance Payday Loan
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