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Jan 29, 2009
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Can anyone suggest a good tool that will do an in-depth analysis of my competition? Or, if you are a professional SEO, will you tell me your process when you perform a competitive analysis for your clients.

Thanks for any help!
Market samurai is pretty good for showing competition for searches showing backlinks, age and other things - might be worth a look.
I use a series of resources and tools to collect data on my sites, as well as my competition. It takes some work but once it becomes habit, you can find out just about anything you need.

Here is one that will help you out greatly. Just type in the name of the competitor site that you want to dominate and compare information through the results offered here, as it will tell their current page rank and show you all of their links in the SE and social databases listed.

I've recommended this site before in another thread or works great.

Also, find out where and how your competitor's domain stands by seeing if they are listed in the following site. This is great for checking age and such as a factor within the site's rank.

Not that I don't like the tools out there, like that of marketing samuri. I just think manually putting in the effort gives you a lot better results, as the data is freshly collected on each of these site resources, as software sometimes takes time to update and may not be as accurate over long term. Just my personal experience and view on the matter too though.
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