1. E

    What Method Works in 2023?

    What methods work in 2023? I read a buch of threads but most social media websites have systems to ban any type of affiliate activity. Spamming facebook, reddit and others seems impossible. Lots of bans and wasted money on proxies. How do you even rank videos on youtube in 2023? Does blogging...
  2. AverageJackass

    Black Hat ways to get rid of the competition?

    There is this fucker that copied my channel name and type of content. What do I do with him? I already reported him for impersonation.
  3. octopocto

    Is it ethical to reduce your competitors' SEO score through hacking?

    Hey! I just wonder, If you can slow down your competitors' websites and block access to all them, would you do it? (Like DDoS attack, not access to site directly, not stealing anything) Or, If you have the able to consume all of your competitors' ads by bot attacking their ads, would you do it...
  4. jemzozole

    What to focus on with my website now? (SEO / Content Creation)

    Hello! As I am a newbie in the SEO topic, I need some help. However, I am trying to rank my new website, and I'd say that it's going pretty well. The website is 3 months old, and it dances on spots 6-3 in SERP (depending on the country etc.) My site (red) vs competitors (semrush): My...
  5. sinner82

    Title keywords reaserch for content

    Hello BHW. I'm looking for product/service which could help me with correct titles and focus keywords, which ones you are using I'm newbish to this, in past mostly I had Wordpress e-commerce sites with researched keyword for that niche. How about titles for articles ? Let's say I'm in "organic...
  6. mindmaster

    Would you exchange links with your main competitor?

    I have this request from a competitor for guess posting. He is already ranking page 1 for the keyword that I am after. My site is on page 2-3 at this time. His website is 4 years old and mine bellow 1 year. Would you do a link exchange with your competitor?
  7. ClickNinja

    Youtube Competiton Analysis / Keyword Analysis???

    On Google it can be pretty easy to see if a keyword that you want to rank for is competitive or not: You simply look at what domains are ranking, are they big sites or forum posts? Are most of the results targeting the exact keyword? Are they long several thousand word posts? etc... But with...
  8. nifras

    what reson behind competitor link to my domain

    I notice some of my competitor link to my site why? what reason behind this? does any SEO tactics intent?
  9. BlueCatServices

    How a newbie can succeed with thousands of competitors?

    Sorry guys, self-doubt is freaking me out. It's been -more than a week since i felt crippled, stucking in -my -mind keep thinking if -my choices are correct or i'm just wasting tons of ti-me. I'm trying to studying and getting skills, but there's a voice in -my head which keeps telling -me how...
  10. R. V. Datmir

    The Man With A Literal Black Hat

    Allow me to introduce myself. I am an affiliate marketer with an idea. To go into competition against cults and pyramid scams with one of the most versatile online business suites available, and to get the traditional hunbot targets into a real business that makes real money. However, I am not...
  11. kretchi

    There's no better fuel for a man than COMPETITION.

    It seems that people nowadays deal with competition or competitive people as a mental problem. Something like a crazy obsessive behavior to put others people down, something inherently egoistic. People have also created names for competitive people like "workaholic", "obsessive", "megalomaniac"...
  12. L

    ranked keyword from 7th to 1st

    hello i a have a keyword which is on 7th page i want to rank it on 1st page on aherfs i check it have zero competition i have created some 15 profiles backlinks and some blog comments please can some one tell me what backlinks i need to make to reach it to 1st page please dont tell...
  13. abhi raj

    What are the things you guys look for while starting a new niche sites ??

    I'm thinking to start a niche site I've been searching best kw for this for months(yes months) But i couldn't find it No Matter how much i search there is always 2-3 authority sites (or sites having 30+ da pa) ranking on that kw. So should i work on those kw or not?? Every one says that low...
  14. limatigaku13

    [GIVEAWAY]Keywords with detail cpc and competition using premium tools

    try to give some keywords again. I'll gv you with seach volume search too Let see what the niche you have to check? I'll given at here. not PM only for 5 people first :)
  15. darind

    Where can I find the competition?

    Hello guys, I m using to find top 10 webs for a keyword. What other tools do you use to reach out of your competitors? Thanks.
  16. darind

    Your chance in the marketplace. Am I right here?

    Hello So if a keyword or group of keywords have high search and is easy to rank seo that means the competition is low? and in other words, if it is hard to rank that means that competition is high? Tell me if I understand that right. Thanks. :)
  17. darind

    How to know if a product is competitive?

    Hi guys Are you using a tool to find the competition for a product or keywords? All I can do is to type in google and see who is selling it.. how do you find if something is competitive or not? Thanks.
  18. lewwy789

    Competition question.

    How many weak sites do you like to see in the top 10 to consider it worth taking a shot at please? There is a site I have found looks beatable but the rest of the sites are e-commerce type sites the usual suspects Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and some smaller ones but this small site is sat high...
  19. Legendary_MaaN

    YO BHW...!! need suggestions

    hi, i need to know how can i find where the ads of my competitors are running.. Thanks in advance.
  20. Mcherch

    Keep your enemies close. But how close?

    Hi Black Hat World, I've been lurking in the shadows of this site for a year or so, I trust all of your opinions if I were to ask a question. But, now I have a serious question that needs to be answered, or at least some advice. Last year, I started 2 companies, 1 is a software company, 1 is a...
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