comission junction

  1. Kelvinjw

    All the professional bloggers needed

    I am going on a journey and I hope to make at least 50% of what I spend. I need the professional bloggers to give me a go on this. Here is the detail. I want to install WP in a folder in my C-panel where I can promote a product from cj. Then spend $50 promoting it on fb. I can professionally...
  2. laurentiukendo

    Looking for a jv partner with an approved CJ account and good IM knowledge

    Hello guys, I want to start a business with an advertiser from CJ I have worked before, but I need someone who has an approved CJ account with at least one payment made on it and an IT related website with decent amount of traffic. I'm interested to invest and make this business work very well.I...
  3. B

    Zappos Data Feed Integration

    Hello, I know this may seem awkward but I really need the Zappos product feed , since they haven't approved me as an affiliate in CJ. (Most probably due to the fact that I live in Eastern Europe) and that kind of sucks. I am trying to build an e-commerce store and I want to list Zappos products...
  4. R

    Commission Junction Store with Wordpress?

    Right now I have an Amazon affiliate store on my niche site, however I think I want to change to a commission junction based storefront. How can i go about doing this? I have an account, I have banners advertising affiliate links, however I want a storefront like I had with amazon. Should I even...
  5. laurentiukendo

    Someone with a cj account/website needed

    Hello BHW members. Right now my CJ account was permanent banned and I need someone who is willing to make some bucks with me.I'm doing this thing for more than 3 years and even if they disabled my account , I still received the payment. I don't own a site and I put the affiliate banners on...
  6. laurentiukendo

    Hi BHW! I need some help

    Hi.I am now starting again to promote my old affiliate advertiser using CJ.I am interested tio pay someone who is good at wordpress optimization and SEO . The domain is and the keywords I'm using are very low competition. I bought traffic from maxvisits,like 20k in 20 days and 3 articles...
  7. laurentiukendo

    Setting up a business with Comission Junction

    Hello guys,I'm here for about two weeks and I read a lot of topics which helped me a lot.I am working with CJ since 2009 and I have made until now about 500 EUR per month,but I generated the leads using dinamyc ip and it seems that they started to close my accounts a lot faster than before.So...
  8. Thub15

    Adding Products from CJ and CB to site through RSS feeds

    Anyone have a good idea how to do this? I've googled and can't really come up with a clear answer. There doesn't seem to be a clear cut way to do this. I appreciate your help!
  9. C Affiliate Link Question - Please Help Out

    Hey Everyone, Just curious if I have to use the whole Java Code or HTML Code supplied by the affiliate. Or can I just take out the affiliate link and create my own Anchor Text. Thanks, Chris
  10. macpaulos

    CJ Guide Needed

    Hey guys, Been trawling through the forum the last couple of days.....omg my brain is gonna explode. I was thinking that maybe some savvy seasoned vet could kindly write a guide for commission junction, things like what to do when your starting up, how to get approved on certain things, what...
  11. andreyg13

    New Product Launch! Looking for affiliates!

    Hello everybody. Me and my partner want to launch a new product. We are looking for someone kind enought to give us some advice about promoting this and would like to know if there would be anyone that would like to help us promote this product as an afiiliate. The price would be about 20$ and...
  12. C

    Commission Junction Conflicting Reports

    So for the past week or more I have not had one single lead. I got a bunch of clicks but no leads. Which is very out of the ordinary. I emailed CJ and got a reply telling me all the clicks are counting and affiliate links are ok and they can see no problem. Now today I sign into my account and...
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