.com domain

  1. I

    curated list of valuable .com domains

    We are considering offering a daily list of available .com domains that correspond to businesses currently using non-.com extensions (like .net, .org, .io). These .com domains can be bought at regular registrar prices (e.g., $6.99 at Porkbun) and potentially sold for much higher prices (100x...
  2. stephen021

    [GET] free .com domain for 5 years

    Hello BHW, I am sorry if it's already shared in this community. Just found this awesome deal - MailChimp is offering a free .com domain for 5 years. https://mailchimp.com/features/domains/ Stay home, stay safe.
  3. Emmanuel A

    Where to get cheap .com domains

    Here are 3 websites where you can buy cheap .com domains this October 2019. .com £1.99 123-reg.co.uk .com £0.99 godaddy.com .com €1.49 domainFactory
  4. the gent

    Is it gonna be a Problem ???

    Hey Guys I want to snap a .com domain for 1$ for my churn&burn method, and this 1$ offer is just for US resident and if i want to registar on my home country it's like 9$! Can i use a VPN and give all US info and address, and pay for the domain with my own country Paypal ??? Is it gonna be...
  5. Harnur

    Where can i buy domain names for less than $5/year?

    I wish to buy bulk domain names. if possible does anyone knows...how to get it for less than $1/year. For the first year.
  6. Paskrtild

    I just bought a .com domain for 0.88 $ on Namecheap with this code

    Hi there, I've just bought a .com domain on Namecheap for 0.88$ with the code COM88 You can enter the code just before the checkout. The final price went down from 9.56$ to 0.88$! It was a .com domain. I have no idea how long this code is going to last so I suggest to use it as soon as you can...
  7. sambeu

    Flash Sale! Unlimited .COM and .NET Domains at $4.49 Each at Domain.com

    .COM, .NET are on sale at Domain.com, MyDomain, Netfirms and Dotster - $5.99/year. At Domain.com you can use code FilmRiot or EXTRA25 to save 25% for more - only $4.49/year/name.Unlimited. Promo rate for 1 year only, not applied for transfer or renewal. Hurry up, the offer will end very...
  8. H

    $0.99 .com promo code: COMSALE3E

    powerhoster provides promo code for .com domain name registration service. When you check out, apply promo code: COMSALE3E cpanel.powerhoster.com
  9. B

    Brandbucket, has anyone here used it?

    I got a couple .com domains I want to sell and I was thinking of using brandbucket since it seems to be all brandable names rather than actual word combinations (think how tumblr isn't a word but a brand while cheapgames is two actual words) However it doesn't seem to be anywhere as popular as...
  10. InnovativeSEO

    Wordpress Development Domain - Suggestions Please.

    Wordpress+Development+Shop.com PR3 I would appreciate opinions on what to do with this domain. I considered selling it, but not sure what the value would be, I saw one comparable here recently that was close to $500 but not sure that it sold for that. I considered developing it, but if so I...
  11. T

    Domain Suspension

    If you get suspended from your domain registrar, can you ask for your sites data and all items you store with them back, or once suspended that it
  12. E

    Can you share your experience in domaining?

    Domaining is a fascinating business and investment vehicle because once the initial investment is made, it is a business that requires minimal attention. This makes it one of the best models of a residual income business on the web. Can you share your experience in domaining?Thanks for any...
  13. J

    [Giveaway] free com Domain / Credit card needed

    As the title says, i decided to share this site that lets you create a free domain (free for one year) once you entered your credit card informations. Now, why the credit card is needed? => Simply because they want to limit the domains creations, You will not be charged. Due to low posts, i...
  14. AgentOrange_MkUltra

    3 chars domains (ab1, c4d etc), under .com, .net, .org tlds: howmuch worth, where to sell

    Hello, I would like to know how many people buy 3 characters domains (AB1, C3D etc), under the classic tlds (.com .net, .org ), and how much they value them generally. As you know, .com ones are all gone, and they are available only on aftermarket. .net ones there are only 90 - 100 (I checked...
  15. trance92071

    GoDaddy Promo Codes 43% OFF RENEWALS, 32% OFF ANY ORDER, & $1.99 New Domains!

    GoDaddy Promo Codes - 43% OFF RENEWALS, 32% OFF ANY ORDER, & $1.99 New Domains 1. $1.99* .COM Domain!! 1 per customer, promo code cjc199x 2. 43% OFF Renewals - promo code cjc795dom 3. SAVE 32%* OFF YOUR ORDER! Offer ends 12/4/12! promo code cjcwd32 4. Save 50%* on Website...
  16. T

    . (C O) M or . (N E )T ?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new domain at the moment, and I was wondering if you guys could tell me if there is much difference between . (n e) t and . (c o) m if we're talking about search rankings and the rest... does google prefer . (co)m over . (ne)t? Would love to hear your suggestions...
  17. theD2

    30% Discount On .com .org etc Domains @ Godaddy.com

    get domain from godaddy @ 30% discount. use this link http://x.co/l5pz & enter this promo code during checkout " FBF30TLD " Thank You
  18. B

    Have a couple Hundred Domain Names I'd like to sell, Any suggestions?

    I have a couple hundred Domain Names I would like to sell. Do any of you have any suggestions?
  19. themvf

    Easy way to check multiple keywords for registering possibilities?

    What I am looking for is if there is a way to download keywords from Google Keyword Tool and paste them somewhere that will check to see if .com's or .net's are available for those keywords. I have checked Google and these boards and can't seem to find anything like that.
  20. plex_brahial

    Blogger blogs beats the .com sites on short terms!

    I know a lot of people are going to say that this isn`t true but i`ve seen it a lot of times and the site i found today ranked 7th for a 5.500 searches a day keyword in competitive niche: how to earn money. This is not just an isolated case i have seen blogger blogs ranked first on googl on...
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