1. Artist101

    Hello friends!

    Hi, I am artist101, one more newbie here! I know how to clone voices using AI (speech, singing, maybe even moaning haha). Let me know if you need something! Thanks for having me
  2. RatSeaExclusive

    How can I clone website with 1 Million images?

    I want to clone website and upload it on my own that has 1 million images with descriptions. Descriptions need to be attached to a photo, like attached to database or something. For example: I consider this: or...
  3. S

    Site Cloning Tips?

    So I have a website with a steady traffic. It has some backlinks that I bought from here. I want to clone it without giving it backlinks, would it work? I'll clone it with: A. Same domain name with different domain extension. B. Different domain name copied from someone's EXACT domain name...
  4. N

    How can I clone a complete website? (Not for profit)

    Hello guys, I was looking to clone a website and use it for personal use. The thing I don't like about this site is that it uses Google Analytics, which does not fit my purpose of stealth (Google knowing that I visited that website). So the question is, how can I clone a website with all the...
  5. clickj4ck

    Webpage Clone - Designer needed

    Hi im looking for someone who can clone a single page for me. They must clone it correctly (responsive for all devices specially mobile). Please people with experience. Java script , html , php , etc... Leave me your skype, telegram or simply message me . thanks Please no time wasters with...
  6. B

    Very suspicious spike in traffic linked to, cloning?

    Spike in traffic from Denmark, traced it back to Visited all pages twice, including Admin pages within the website. About 7 seconds per page so I'd guess not simply a negative seo bot trying to damage on site metrics. My guess would be someone used the service to clone our...
  7. I

    I need to clone a site (Just main page and 1 other). Urgent!!

    Hi, So i am urgently looking for someone who can clone a specific website for me but only require a couple of pages cloned. The first page has to be exactly identical with its system. It will ask for Login details straight away, once logged in... it will direct them to another page where my...
  8. worldofpain

    Website clones-indexing problem

    Hey there guys, recently somebody cloned my websites and pushed me out of google rank. Tried DMCA, google reports, icann even the registrar of his domains..nothing worked..his website "homepage" is behaving like "website suspended" he just modified index. php but the rest of pages are 302 redirs...
  9. bl4ck26

    cloning a site?

    Cloning a site via some software and reuploading it with some changes can b harmful?
  10. S

    Mobile Cloner Here

    Hello friends, Glad to find a forum like this. I am a mobile technician and a blogger too. I have many mobile modding softwares that I want to share at this forum. Hope for a pleasant stay here at Blackhatworld.
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