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Website clones-indexing problem

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by worldofpain, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. worldofpain

    worldofpain Newbie

    Nov 19, 2017
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    Hey there guys, recently somebody cloned my websites and pushed me out of google rank. Tried DMCA, google reports, icann even the registrar of his domains..nothing worked..his website "homepage" is behaving like "website suspended" he just modified index. php but the rest of pages are 302 redirs to his other money sites...so basically you cant see the clone..if you try to look thru a browser u got the suspended notification..if you try the google links of other pages of the website you are redirected..and thats why dmca icann cant do anything...no content no case...and they also dont accept screenshots or web archive pics...site has to be live and the copy content clearly visible...

    Anyway..he has pretty good network already.

    I decided to try the same to some of his websites I discovered...did well for the first time and was surprised how it works (starting to love this technique) but the problem is..that the clone of his website... "clone . com" ..replaced only his-website . com in google serp..main page only, other pages cant rank at all, cant just replace his-website . com/page1 ,/page2, /page3, etc...with my clone ...clone . com/page1 /page2 /page3 etc...only the main page is replaced...when i check my clone " site:clone . com " the website is all indexed..so cant sort out this problem....do i need to modify th structure of the website somehow...or? the guy who cloned me...replaced me in google serp also with other pages not only with the mainpage...so im doing something wrong for sure..i also modified the .htmls ...replaced all his links with "his-website . com" with "clone . com" i inserted rel canonical, google analytics, and after the clone was indexed i also used 302 redirs "clone" to his "website" "bots only"

    ...second thing...when the clone website is ranked..will 301 redirection to "money site" work to replace the clone in serp? any experiences?

    I used httrack btw...also now im using "GoDesain" script to try it out
  2. terrycody

    terrycody Elite Member

    Sep 29, 2012
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    this is serious black hat techs lol, hope any experts can answer this, interested too!